One of the reasons I love the Olympics is because it’s a giant reminder that being a strong, muscular, athletic woman is a glorious thing, and that the human body is capable of so much more astounding and aspirational things than trying to fit in sample sizes and going on juice fasts and racing to lose your baby weight in three weeks. It’s like an ode to achievement over pure aesthetics (although the aesthetics are nothing to sneeze at, obviously). That’s one of the reasons I’m fond of the Williams sisters, too — sure, Serena’s temper can overwhelm her common sense sometimes, but she rocks every hard-earned muscle.

Also she’s a total fox. Sometimes she can crazy it up with her clothes, but when she gets it right — like she does here; this ENTIRE thing slays me in the best way — she commands the room. Or the sidewalk. Or the famed Letterman dumpster:

That thing is like, “Would somebody PLEASE wheel me out of this photo? I don’t stand a CHANCE here.” I hope a lot of girls saw her sweep tennis gold in singles and doubles in the same DAY — just like she did at Wimbledon a month ago — and watched the Team USA soccer players and gymnasts and sprinters and swimmers and trackers and fielders and whatnot, all of whom are fierce and powerful and dedicated, and said, “Someday.”

[Photos: Splash, WENN]