So, it’s the weirdest thing — NBC’s big “all-star” TCAs party had almost no attendees I had ever seen before, and I say this as somebody who writes a blog often featuring people of marginal renown who walk the red carpet in various venues. I know Amy Poehler is shooting a movie, but where was Ron Swanson? Christina Applegate? Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph? Some John Krasinski to soothe our apprehension about The Office now that Catherine Tate has hijacked it? Hell, even Whitney Cummings wasn’t on the red carpet, and although I’m fine with that, you’d think her show could use the boost.

What was left? Why, Ms. Eva “Pigford” Marcille:

And even she isn’t 100 percent committed. Although those pants might GET her committed, in a wholly different way.

She changed up her act for a later shindig:

This is a WHOLE bunch better, with the exception of how it makes her left breastal region look twice the size of her right. Like, in a way that makes me concerned she suffered a catastrophic bug bite and is about to descend into swollen delirium. Somebody at least get her an ice pack.

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