The Recent Fugs and Fabs of America Ferrera

I guess Cate Blanchett and America Ferrera flipped a coin to see who’d have to do the lion’s share of the How to Train Your Dragon 2 press tour. And Cate was like, “I actually don’t care who won the coin toss. You’re doing it.”

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Cat

    For the most part, she looks pretty cute! The first outfit could be saved by getting rid of the sleeves (either all together or at least making them tighter and shorter).

    •  Kristen from MA

      And the stripper shoes.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Agree with both changes, but that skirt fits like a dream. Very elegant, to the point that I think it’s kind of elevating the blouse and shoes.

  2. Sonya

    I really like all of these except the green dress, and even that is not heinous (just slightly ill-fitting and suffering from shiny-wirkled syndrome). I may have worn a blouse with similar sleeves to the polka dots, and also have a soft spot for polka dots AND pencil skirts, so I am down with the first outfit.

    Also her skin looks fabulous!

    • Sonya

      Arrgh – can not type. **wrinkled, not wirkled. Saw just as it was posting.

    •  Amy

      Agreed! A tailor could have saved the green dress, but she looks great. I WANT her leopard dress.

  3. JJPP

    She looks pretty great. I actually really like the last one!

  4. Nan

    I love the red/black polka dot outfit; it makes me start humming “I like to be in America, OK by me in America…”

  5. Mimi

    Designer Imposter McQueen is still rocking my world.

  6. Jess

    Overall, I think she looks pretty cute but I have notes on the first three looks:

    1. Lose the puffy bit on the sleeves and we are in business. Also, is it just me or can you see a hint of black bra under that sucker?

    2. Swap out the boring white shoes for a colorful pair and I am sold.

    3. Go up a size, hem it, and steam it. The color is divine, it just doesn’t fit her right.

    I think the others are all pretty darn cute. I like the casual outfit, the red dress and blazer is fine and the animal print dress is actually probably my favorite! With a few minor tweaks here and there, I would give these all a passing Fab grade.

    Maybe I am just biased though because I saw HTTYD 2 this weekend and it was so cute, you guys. I can’t be mad at her now.

  7.  Ashley

    These are all pretty great. The green one is just a HAIR too tight but still pretty gorgeous overall. And I love the dress in the fifth one but the styling makes her look like she’s about to show us the SICKEST Powerpoint presentation. But maybe that kind of styling is appropriate for whatever event she was going to.

  8. Elizabeth K. Mahon

    The LK Bennett dress looked like she just popped into the store literally minutes before the premiere and this was the only evening gown they had left, and no time to hem it.

    • Danielle

      I was going to say, that green dress looks like it was delivered to her right before the premiere and she just said ‘to heck with it’. Maybe she thought “no one’s getting under this skirt!”

  9. Jilly

    Her makeup is lovely in all of these.

  10. Faye

    She is so pretty, and talented. I wish we saw her in more things. I love the first outfit, even if the top does make me crave watermelon. The rest is kind of meh.

    When you mentioned “designer imposter McQueen,” for some reason lines from an old commercial popped into my head – something like “designer imposter body spray” – was that real, I wonder, or did I hallucinate it? I cannot remember what the company was, but that phrase is sticking with me.

    • Jess

      Designer Imposter perfumes/colognes are definitely a real thing. I think I have seen them at my local Rite Aid.

      • Wildviolette

        There is also a truck stop in Indiana where in the ladies room, you can insert a quarter and a spritz of the Designer Imposter of your choice will shoot out at you from a nozzle in the wall. Really. I saw it myself.

        With the exception of the boring, too long green number, all of these look great on her. She really isn’t aging at all, is she? So pretty!

        • Jess

          That sounds amazing!! I have never seen a perfume dispenser at a rest stop before!

          • JB

            As someone who lives in Indiana I have to share that this isn’t THAT uncommon.
            The lady truckers need to smell good.
            And I saw it in a bar one time.
            And I am slightly embarrassed for my state.

            • InvaderTak

              I’ve seen those too! (In Texas FYI) The one I got dared to try was “Tommy girl” and it was surprisingly not bad. Not great, but passable.

            •  HelenBackAgain

              I’ve seen those in bars, too! Parts of Massachusetts, and NYC.

    • Caity

      “That would be your designer imposter perfume” is a quote from Clueless

    • Jessica

      The Designer Imposter Perfume Line is exactly what I was referencing, in fact!

      • Faye

        The fact that that was deliberate totally went over my ahead! I think it was big in the late 80s, early 90s. That’s when I remember hearing the ads.

        Thanks for chiming in, everyone. I didn’t remember that line from Clueless -and now I have state envy because we don’t have dispensers here.

        •  fiatluxury

          wasn’t that the “If you like Giorgio, you’ll LOVE Jorge!” people?

  11. Bella

    She looks good. A few tweaks here and there, but overall very nice. I love her hair in an updo.

  12.  Miranda

    That leopard print dress would be perfect for lounging on my lanai…assuming I had a lanai.

  13. Maggiecate

    She’s a girl who understands her shape. These aren’t all perfect – the first one needs a better bra, and the green is too long but fabulous colour, but she dresses her curves really really well. I particularly like the casual red carpet blue ensemble – the sleeves draw the eyes to her shoulders and make them the widest part of her body so everything else sort of tapers. And she avoids having too much going on – there’s one feature per outfit so it doesn’t look messy.

    She should take Kim K shopping.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Agree, America knows what flatters her and she’s pretty good at sticking to it. I’m guessing the poor fit of the green dress was because it really was a last-minute thing; that’s atypical for her. On the whole, she looks very good in these.

  14.  Ainslie

    Sans sleeves and with bright pink shoes, that is the dress I wore for my courthouse wedding yesterday!

  15. mare

    Ugly Betty looks pretty darn good here!

  16. InvaderTak

    There’s a great Fug screen name for all you lurkers out there; ImposterDesigerScent. Or DesigerImposterPerfume. Lots to work with there. I also like KnockoffScentSprayer.

  17. Joanie

    I love that America’s grown into such a lovely woman who is comfortable in her own skin, doesn’t diet until she’s nothing but a bag of bones, and has such an upbeat personality. Other than the green gown, I’m not at all mad at any of her outfits.

    Also, she was super adorable on TLLSwCF a week or two ago. Great dress and funny interview

  18. Hoolia

    I love the flamenco vibe of the first one, sleeves and all. I’d wear that. I also love the casual outfit. Hate the leopard print, because I hate anything and everything in a cat print, although she herself looks lovely there.

    Is everyone ACTUALLY wearing white eyelet this summer, or are we just being told that we should by fashion people? Because I actually have such a dress that I bought on a whim a few years ago, but I never wear it because I guess I am just not a person who wears white dresses. It is not a practical color for my life.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Oh, wear it. Create an occasion for the purpose, if you have to. You will feel beautiful in it (it is impossible not to feel beautiful in white eyelet), and even if it does get ruined somehow, well, at least you wore it ONCE!

    •  Jabes

      Saw a woman on the bus wearing a white eyelet dress just this evening!

      •  lacondesainvierno

        People are wearing it and looking good doing it. I am sure you will too. (And if you spill something on it–which I would– at least you will not look at it in your closet forever wondering why, why why you have it–which I also do.) Happy summer. Happy white wine!

  19. P

    Overall, I think they are all basically fab if my only choices are fab or fug. All of them are fine if not better and none of them are a true fug and I liked the sleeves on the first outfit. They don’t look obnoxious and give a little something different to the outfit. I agree with the shoes on the white dress, color would have been better and there green dress is too long. That is all.

  20. Jenz

    Aside from the tightness and the length, the green address is actually pretty on her. She should always wear green.

  21. jane

    I think she looks the best in her casual wear–so cute, and she looks about 20 years old. Everything else is fine (except for those damned white shoes, and the fit of that green dress is just embarrassing.)

  22. NumberSix

    I was reading that first slide just as a magician in a movie I had on was hypnotizing someone. I heard it as “You’re getting sleevey, very sleevey.”

  23. MegoPachego

    Designer imposter McQueen is, in reality, Commodore 64 McQueen.

    Confession: I love that white eyelet dress and I would like one of my own, but I am so albino adjacent and white doesn’t do good things for me … unless I’m holding a white piece of paper under my face so that the license bureau camera can differentiate my face from the slightly less white (than the paper) background. True story, that one.