We already saw Armani Beauty girls Sydney Sweeney, Sadie Sink, and Camila Mendes from this party, but a whole gaggle of other friends of the family showed up to a special Venice fashion party and runway show. It is SPARKLY and it is FANCY and it is exactly the balm we needed during this dry spell and prolonged era of bad faith from the AMPTP.

As best I can tell, the clothes on the runway were in conversation with January’s couture show and maybe partly the previous July’s, but not entirely identical? I don’t know what the run of show was, but here’s an assemblage of photos we had available:

A small handful of the outfits are ripped straight from the Spring/Summer 2023 couture runway, and others are reimagined, tweaked, Inspired By, etc. (NONE of them seem to relate to the Fall/Winter couture show that we just saw in July.) Interestingly, one of these dresses — the one I placed first in the slideshow — is a dupe of the one Cate Blanchett wore to the Fragrance Foundation Awards, which was a sustainable redesign of her SAG Awards gown, which was itself also a repurposed dress. INGRIGUING.

[Photos: David Fisher/Shutterstock]