Teen Choice Awards Fabs and Fines: The Other Pretty Little Liars


I confessed at our Boston book signings the truth about Pretty Little Liars, and it is that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING on that show right now. NONE. What anyone’s motivations are and who is doing what and why don’t they just look for the person in town who appears to have the greatest amount of technological omnipresence and then whack that person over the head with a heavy object and see if the texts stop? The plot has gotten so inextricably twisted that I don’t know if they can untwist it without having an episode where Laura Leighton sits down in a wingback armchair and speaks directly to the camera for an hour to explain it all. At least everyone looks pretty.

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  1. Kate

    Lucy Hale FTW! Love the pop of gold and turquoise of her shoes.

  2. Leah

    Lucy’s the only one who actually looks good here. The one girls looks like she thought it was a costume party and came as “snotty ballerina” and the other one is wearing snot-colored lingerie, which is doing nothing for her figure and may be see-through.

  3. vandalfan

    Lucy’s fine. The rest need to be reminded, firmly, that underwear is not meant for public consumption.

  4. Sajorina

    They all look cute & appropriately dressed for the occasion! Ian looks HOT! I am in lust with Troian’s look… The dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup, the earrings! COVET!!! Lucy looks adorable… The dress & the orange color are perfect for her! Shay looks good… I like the corseted top of the dress & its color, but not the skirt or the shoes! Still, OVERALL FAB!

    And, “Pretty Little Liars” is getting more complicated, but I can follow the thread, since I watch religiously! To me, it just keeps getting better & better! And, didn’t you know that Ezra might be a criminal who hides bags of questionably acquired money in his socks’ drawer? Ahhh, mystery…

  5. Patrick

    Shay could’ve done with a sliiiiiiightly looser corset on top… those puppies look like they might make a run for it at any moment…. other than that, a fab ensemble.

    Oh yeah, and the other two look cute :)

  6. Amy

    Here’s what’s happening on PLL: NOTHING. There is a lot of worrying about stuff happening, and stuff threatening to happen, and it SEEMS like stuff happens, but then later when you think about it you realize nothing actually did.

  7. Maureen

    I love how Troian looks legitimately happy in the group shot, instead of her usual Spencer-like intensity.

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