So, Taylor seems to be veering back away from slicked-down bangs and bright colors.

So this is fine and all, but yet again, it feels like something I’ve seen from her a hundred times before. Or maybe it’s because these flesh-toned side-paneled Maria Lucia Hohan dresses have been making the rounds so much that they all start to feel identical. Also, can we say again what a wasted shoe opportunity this was? Your dress is WHITE. You can put ANY cheerful color down there and it’d only improve the situation. So what does she do? Nude. She’s actually MATCHING THE SHOE to the side panels. This is about the most snoozey choice she could have made. Taylor! You are a graceful and tall and lovely creature. DO NOT BE A WALKING NAP.

This also lost me a bit in the back:

Something about the construction here looks cheap; maybe it’s the fact that I can see the giant transparent bra-like contraption that’s holding the whole sucker together, like the world’s least sexy bra in the clearance bin at JC Penney. So… I mean, I am putting this up to a vote because, you know, maybe I’m being harsh — her ladybits are covered and under no threat of exposure, and at least she looks regal — but I am pretty sure you have figured out by now that I’m impatient with this particular look and want to drop-kick it back into 2010.

What's your take?

  • So pretty! (24%, 1,428 Votes)
  • So samey (32%, 1,920 Votes)
  • So icky (14%, 816 Votes)
  • So BLAH. (30%, 1,821 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,987

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