Fug File: super(and unsuper)models

Golden Globes Naked Carpet: Alessandra Ambrosio

Well, there’s always one.

Alessandra Ambrosio Golden Globes

But what’s truly remarkable about this is, there appears to be a pair of panties underneath the visible granny-shapewear. She double-bagged her bingo parlor. Repeat: In a dress where ALMOST ALL OF THE REST OF HER IS FREELY VISIBLE, she went the extra layer on one very special part. Frankly, I find it tremendous. How bad do we think it looked WITHOUT the panties? For the first time ever, was a Get-A-Grip Friend back in her hotel suite saying, “Actually you should take OFF the panties?”

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What the Fug: Cara Delevingne at the W Magazine Party

This seems somewhat innocuous from the front:

Cara Delevingne W Magazin 2015

She’s been hanging out with the Kardashijenners lately — courtside with Kendall and Khloe at a Lakers game, etc. — so the emphasis on the cleavage is hardly a surprise. This whole thing feels like she found it in a crater (or krater?) on Planet Kardashia.

But a look from the side reveals that it’s not just fabric spots on the side. In fact, yes, it is see-through:

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Casual Fuggerday: Kate Upton

We do have a fondness for a wacky pant here, especially Jessica.

Kate Upton

But there’s a lot of acreage in the world to be a GOOD wacky pant, and not Monistat-bait with pajama-grade legs.

[Photo: Splash]


People Magazine Awards Fug Carpet: Jessica White

Well, thank God.

Jessica White

It’s been a while since Jessica White popped up at something looking like your $1.99-per-minute Psychic Friend, and I was beginning to worry she had forgotten to foretell her own demise.

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WTF: Alessandra Ambrosio

I keep accidentally publishing posts with “words” as actual placeholders this week, but don’t worry. This time when I say WORDS, I mean it in the pure GFY slang sense: I am totally out of them and this is crazy.

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WTF: Isabeli Fontana


Stars celebrate at the Chopard Christmas Party **USA ONLY**

Are these, or are these not, The Worst Pants You’ve Ever Seen?

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