This Cannes felt a little underwhelming to me. Other than Elle Fanning — who brought it, and whose entire Cannes we’ll be taking a look at later today — it seemed to drew fewer A-list female stars throughout; I’m not sure if this is because this year’s slate of movies just didn’t include as many women as other years, or if (and this is my real suspicion) L’Oreal and other brands weren’t as willing to splash out to send their brand ambassadors the way they have in years past. The closing ceremony and some of the screenings that happened over the past weekend had red carpets that were interspersed with People You Recognize, and Gowns You’ll Want to See, but also seemed to have a larger dash of YIIIKES WAIT PAY ATTENTION TO ME than usual. That’s fun too, though.  We also get feathers, famous off-spring, dress-wrangling, and birds.

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