Elle and her stylist Samantha McMillen must be exhausted, the former from the work of being a Cannes juror and the latter from the work of having to plan a gargantuan wardrobe for a Cannes juror — and, close on the heels of the Met Gala. They obviously had a tremendous amount of fun with it. Elle absolutely has Period Piece Face rather than Modern Face, and I suspect it makes styling her in a contemporary way a bit challenging — in a way where she’d somehow look more costumey that way than in an actual costume; just look at how well her Met outfit suited her — and they’re smart to lean into the retro vibes. But they also scooped in some High Drama and High Princess and High Priestess and so much in between. Above is a gallery of a good chunk of her red-carpet looks, and below, we have some that Samantha posted on Instagram for other outings, which fill in the blanks.

That has a lot more elastic than I generally need to see — or would personally want pinching me — but the pattern is so cute, and the shoes and kitschy picnic-basket purse round it out so nicely. She looks, as we grannies say, darling. Although these particular sunglasses are not working the usual “make everyone hotter” magic.

Is that brown and black, or two different blacks? I love the hair and shoes, at least. She could be a young Betty Draper in this.

Elle’s disaffected posing face with all these giant Elton sunglasses truly makes me laugh. This outfit is for if Coachella were in, like, late February.

Hey, look! A Chanel that I like! Wonders truly do never cease.

[Photos InstarImages.com, WENN, Rex/Shutterstock]