This frock came down the runway a bit more sheer on top, I think, and so I’m delighted Millie lined it. She may LOOK 25 but she’s still only 15 and my unhip middle-aged brain would have melted out of my ear. I wish that this looked less like she tied an expensive napkin around her neck and then tucked it into her skirt; I have eaten many a messy sandwich in my life and had to set up various barriers to the ruination of my outfits, but I don’t usually like to pay tribute to those moments with formalwear. Having said that: She looks adorable, graceful, and chic, with the possible exception of the shoes, which to me come across like a very dated find, as if they were in a box of her mom’s labeled 1984 and they found them together while clearing out the attic. I get not wanting to totter around on a stiletto, but there are a thousand pairs of cute flats out there that would’ve done this justice. And, hey, what do you know: I was going to give this a thumbs-up, and then I found some nits and picked them mercilessly like they were a cluster growing on my chin. It’s just what I do.