I hope all our American readers have a peaceful and fun long Memorial Day weekend! If you’re looking for something to read:

Don’t miss our big Eurovision round-up!

I also picked out some cute stuff for you from the ShopBop sale.

At Lainey, this Moby/Natalie Portman thing is bonkers. SHUT UP MOBY.

This is great, at the New York Times: The Last Five Glamour Shots Locations in the United States

Also at Lainey, this is a VERY interesting and smart piece about the new Bieber deodorant. (Yes.)

FASCINATING, at GQ: The Curious Cons of the Man Who Wouldn’t Die. Let me just share the dek with you: “When Mark Olmsted contracted HIV, in the early 1980s, he figured the disease was a death sentence. And so he hatched a scheme to live out his last years in style—swiping credit cards, bilking insurance companies, even faking his own death. What’s the problem with some forgery, fraud, and crystal meth if you’ll soon be gone? A better question might have been: What the hell happens if you survive?” It’s such a great article.

At Pajiba, Is Elisabeth Moss Dating Tom Cruise? OMG I HAVE THOUGHTS. (One of which is that Elisabeth Moss is an amazing actor and I love Peggy Olson too but she DOES have potentially bad taste in men.)

This was a very good piece at Glamour: Allow Aurora Perrineau to Reintroduce Herself

Over at Celebitchy, these Star Wars covers of Vanity Fair are GOOD. I can’t wait to get mine in like six months. (My VF shows up at my house SO LATE, I do not get it.)

I loved this story at the LA Times: Late to the pool, 97-year-old swimming champion has since lapped everyone

Really interesting, at Refinery29: Lipstick, Hair Dye, & Power — How Beauty Is Fueling A Revolution In North Korea

At Socialite Life, I already kind of forgot that Kim and Kanye had another baby.

At Bustle: How Claudia Kishi Inspired A Generation Of Asian American Writers

This is a really good piece about the Co-Star app, at Vanity Fair.

I loved this, at The Cut: The Bold Type’s Fashion Is Delightfully Bad. Those overalls on Sutton! THE BESTWORST.

And this is an interesting look at the reboot of The Hills from the New York Times.