Fug File: jumpsuit


I’m confused.

Is she at the Miss Jumpsuit America 2013 pageant?

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Fug The Trouser-Based Outfits

They just kept popping up, so I decided to put them all together in a little slideshow ode to Please Stop Trying To Ruin Pants Because We Need Other Starlets To Wear Them.

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Billboard Music Awards Fug or Fab: Miley Cyrus

Look, this is daft. But after the mind-numbingly unimaginative naked-crazy of Jennifer Morrison, I appreciate a girl who decides to go somewhere dressed as one of Liberace’s drawing rooms.

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Fug Upon A Time

I think possibly every person in the background of this photo — be it amusedly or with flinty awkwardness — is thinking some version of the following:  “WHAT? NO.”

I mean, the horribly fit top, the wrinkles, the Frowny Groinparts… Even the baby is averting her eyes. Clever girl.

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Fug, then Fab: Hailee Steinfeld

The little old granny bursting at the seams of my soul REALLY can’t handle a girl Hailee’s age wearing anything even REMOTELY transparent.

I shouldn’t be able to see undergarments, I shouldn’t be wondering what percentage of this thing is lined, and I really shouldn’t be grimacing at what’s happening to her pelvis because my eyes should not BE on her pelvis because she is a fetus. Her pelvis is nobody’s business at this age. Don’t make me do illegal things just by virtue of having eyes, kid. Also, not for nothing: That is not a good jumpsuit. It’s like she’s been seized by creeping vines.

Fortunately, at a different event on the same night, she managed to be interesting in a better way:

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Getting Fugging Closer: Ke$ha

Her hair looks normal! Her face — when she doesn’t crack her lips to show off the gold tooth, which is absurd — looks clean and sane and cute! KE$HA APPEARS TO BE BATHING!

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