Fug File: jumpsuit

Fugsica White

This is not the worst thing she’s ever worn.

But that doesn’t make it right to dress like a paratrooper in the Great Doily Fungus World War of 2013.

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Fugs and Fabs: This Week In Miley

Since her Cosmo cover caused such a stir among her fans — in a good way; they are obsessed with it, and in fact, at the launch party, we saw a long line of people who seemed decidedly too old to be waiting for her to autograph their issue — Miley has had a pretty good PR week. Let’s see how she clothed it.

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How I Met Your Fugger

I wish Josh Duhamel would give me Save Haven from this jumpsuit, you guys.

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Silver Fuggings Playbook

I wonder if our girl here was tired of getting the lesser Dior gowns, because she switched to Stella McCartney for the Santa Barbara film fest. The problem with that is, Stella McCartney’s clothes are almost always going to create more problems than they solve.

I am TRYING not to reject this purely on jumpsuit grounds. And her waist does look perfect and wee. But I really hate how stumpifying, grandmotherly, and even thickening those tapered, aggressively pressed satin pants are. The top appears to be sagging, as if she’s being slowly unwrapped by an invisible jerk. Add to that the messy eye makeup, the fact that those shoes are chafing the hell out of her feet, and the way her hair looks like she forgot she even had any at all, I’m wondering if that walking pneumonia still hasn’t released her from its wicked claws. Or, she’s seen the Dior she’s getting for the Oscars and wants to lower the bar so she’ll be assured of clearing it. In that case, I like her odds.

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Fug or Fab: Stella McCartney

When I first saw this, yesterday, I suuuuuuuuuuper hated it. But it kind of grew on me — like a fungus — overnight. I blame the power of lamé (The Power of Lamé is going to be the name of my autobiography. I just decided).

What do you think?

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Unfug or Fine: Maggie Gyllenhaal, With An Assist From Hot Viola Davis

So, yeah, I do realize this is a jumpsuit, and yet I am not approaching it with abject disapproval. I KNOW. I’m sure the lightheadedness of Abfest 2012 still has me in its clutches.

But seriously, that doesn’t look awful on her. At least, I don’t think so — okay, so part of it is sitting weirdly on her chest, like it’s sagging or needed to be pinned/pressed/taped, but it’s such a small thing. Otherwise, from this angle, I am far less enraged by the jumpsuit itself than I expected. My bigger question is with the styling, specifically the choice of jacket:

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