Well, I wrote this before Cam-Cam showed up at the Bad Teacher premiere the other day in an actual skirt, but whatever. Bear with me. For a moment in time in Germany, the Cameron Diaz Romper Tour of 2011 continued apace:

This is from her appearance on Wetten Dass?, alongside J.Lo and Heidi Klum’s Poisoned Crotch outfit, and I really hope someone shows her this photo as evidence that she needs to stop trying to hang onto A-Rod by doing workouts with him that involve, like, pulling around giant tires or whatever. Those guns are a tad overloaded and her neck muscles are starting to look like doom. She is Cameron Diaz, not Magnus Ver Magnusson, World’s Strongest Man.

Cammy did ditch the romper for the movie’s German premiere, though:

It’s a jumpsuit. Or high-waisted pants. It’s not awful, but I’m not sure why she’s so fixated on wearing things that make her crotch a point of interest, like tje capitals on a USA map. Visit Shoulder City! Drop by Napetown! See sunny Sternumopolis! And spelunk in the famously mysterious caverns in Groinland.

Also, I know she’s tall, but this looks like Cameron is on stilts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; I just can’t stop wondering if, also like my husband in his eighth grade talent show, she’s going to break into a Mexican Hat Dance atop a bed of eggshells.


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[Photos: WENN.com]