I AM pleased any time I get the chance to mention ORPHAN, the terrible/awesome movie that I’ve virtually forced many of you to watch, and in which Vera Farmiga here stars.

The Cinema Society, Gucci & The Film Foundation Present A Screening Of

I’m sure SHE’S all, “yes, and also I was Oscar-nominated for Up in the Air?” and I am all, “Intern George is no psychotic 30 year old Russian hooker with a major hormonal imbalance,” and that psychotic is all, “actually, I just got cast in The Hunger Games,” and 95% of Hollywood is like, “so did we, and Lions Gate sent out a press release about us!” and press releases are all, “SERIOUSLY, The Hunger Games, give it a REST. We need a NAP. No one cares who the fifth kid from the left in the third scene after the credit sequence is,” and The Hunger Games is all, “leave me out of this, I am a great book,” and books are all, “this is true, blame that on Lions Gate,” and Lions Gate is all, “WE ARE ALREADY PLANNING HOW WE’RE GOING TO ROLL AROUND IN YOUR MONEY,” and money is all, “I can’t believe that badass Vera Farmiga spent me on this horrifying jumpsuit.”