Fug File: wearing black

Oscars Fugs and Fabs: Ladies in Black

Joan Collins, our patron saint, getting it done as usual. With bonus Jackie!

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Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs: Women In Black, Part 2

And here is the conclusion of the People In Black Gowns post — the dessert tapas, if you will.

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Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs: Women In Black, Part 1

Honestly, as much as it felt like we saw a lot of silver and yellow and red, black was — as ever — the preferred color of the evening. Enough so that I had to split it up between this and another slideshow so that we could have smaller bites. Welcome to fashion tapas.

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Billboard Music Awards Lordely Played: Lorde

“But I guess more than anything else, I’d like to thank the criminal in the gorilla suit who knocked me out, traded clothes, and made his getaway after leaving me in a broom closet, which is where I woke up five minutes ago. Without him, I wouldn’t have anything for the middle of act two of the movie of my life. Thanks, man. Maybe Taylor Swift and I write a duet about you someday.”

she did have one other outfit


Billboard Music Awards Fug Carpet: Nicki Minaj in Alexander McQueen

It’s not great news for the designer that I was going to guess it was Versace.

And it’s even worse news for Nicki that she’s essentially wearing a very expensive ladyjuicer.

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A Million Ways To Fug In The West: Charlize Theron in Dior

Dior is the master of beautiful overlays that could have been stunning… if they were real dresses. First Jennifer Lawrenc got the Onesie With A Dream, and now this:

There are a couple offenses here: One is the fact that they put Charlize Theron in a glorified bodyshaper and it’s somehow detracting from the shape of her body; another is that it is such a beautiful theory that doesn’t have any good science supporting it, so to speak; and a third is that it makes Charlize Theron look kind of… silly. Dior, HOW are you making a tall, elegant lady look SILLY? AND YET.

Especially when you see her next to her date:

I just think the whole nakedness of it all makes him look even creepier and her look like she’s trying to be his bit of stuff, when in fact she is so much more accomplished than that. Why is she trying this hard? Why is that not a gorgeous lined dress? Or failing that, a lampshade at an upscale funeral home? Would that make her legs a non-stockinged FRAGILE lamp of Christmas Story fame? Why is Seth MacFarlane? Oh, the philosophy of a Friday.

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ACMs Fug/Fab Face-Off: Sheryl Crow vs. Kimberly Perry

I’m thinking of this one as The Battle of Dresses That Look Like Photoshop Effects.

This one is Shatter, or maybe Stained Glass. It looks like some keenly chosen mouse clicks broke the black fabric into pieces. I might not mind it except that I don’t find it very flattering on her, or at least, maybe it demands a more dramatic head. A More Dramatic Head might be the name of my autobiography, too, in which case I have a lot more tizzies and hissies and enemies-into-lily-ponds that I need to throw.

Kimberly Perry also wore fancy black-on-nude, and with almost the exact same makeup:

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