Fug File: wearing black

ACMs Fug/Fab Face-Off: Sheryl Crow vs. Kimberly Perry

I’m thinking of this one as The Battle of Dresses That Look Like Photoshop Effects.

This one is Shatter, or maybe Stained Glass. It looks like some keenly chosen mouse clicks broke the black fabric into pieces. I might not mind it except that I don’t find it very flattering on her, or at least, maybe it demands a more dramatic head. A More Dramatic Head might be the name of my autobiography, too, in which case I have a lot more tizzies and hissies and enemies-into-lily-ponds that I need to throw.

Kimberly Perry also wore fancy black-on-nude, and with almost the exact same makeup:

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Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs: Black Gowns

I came away from the Globes thinking about all the pops of color, but it turns out there was a lot of Voldemort’s favorite there also.

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Well Played, Christina Applegate

This is all so deliciously dramatic to me.

Something about her looks like she’s planning shenanigans, either at an opulent uptown funeral or at the wedding of a friend to a man she does not approve of OR is in love with, which is causing her to stomp around all night making arch remarks while cocking an eyebrow, then eventually will lead to her making a spectacle of herself during the toasts, at which point she will grab the nearest, youngest cater-waiter and perform a tango that will fog up every damn spoon in the reception hall, at which point they will break into the bridal suite and have such an energetic romp that they work up a sweat the likes of which this run-on sentence couldn’t ever dream even if I let it develop into a word-marathon.

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Fug or Fab: Lily Collins

There’s “consistent,” and then there’s “dog with a bone.”

She looks lovely and all, but WE GET IT. MIDRIFFS ARE NOW. Lily has been attending events for like a week now and ALREADY she’s fallen into a fashion rut and can’t get up, and her Medic Alert bracelet won’t help because she’s not wearing it because it clashed with her stomach. Seriously, not everything has to be the same. OTHER IDEAS: TRY THEM.

Divorcing yourself from all that:

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At least Jamie Campbell Bower is amusing himself:

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Well Played, Rachel McAdams

Usually I don’t go for the keyhole dresses, but I think this looks great on her:

I think it’s because it’s fitted well, so everything is divinely wrangled in it. But it MIGHT be because the bodice makes a giant W, and it’s exerting mind control and subconscious suggestion to convince me to call it a Win and Wonderful and Well Played and Wow and WHEEEE and all manner of other complimentary Ws. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch reruns of Will & Grace and listen to the Wicked soundtrack and buy a bunch of wigs and join Weight Watchers and wink at people and eat a Whatchamacallit. For no reason.

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Fug or Fab: Michelle Rodriguez

Well, it’s not going to win any ribbons for innovation, but at least it fits.

Still, I can’t help feeling like this is Speedo’s next big push for Olympic swimming: an eveningwear relay.

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