There’s “consistent,” and then there’s “dog with a bone.”

She looks lovely and all, but WE GET IT. MIDRIFFS ARE NOW. Lily has been attending events for like a week now and ALREADY she’s fallen into a fashion rut and can’t get up, and her Medic Alert bracelet won’t help because she’s not wearing it because it clashed with her stomach. Seriously, not everything has to be the same. OTHER IDEAS: TRY THEM.

Divorcing yourself from all that:

  • This is actually pretty good (21%, 1,026 Votes)
  • This is okay (13%, 639 Votes)
  • Midriff-baring is NOT THE ONLY ANSWER, LILY. (25%, 1,234 Votes)
  • IN FACT IT IS NOT THE ANSWER, PERIOD. (28%, 1,355 Votes)
  • I don't care about the midriff bit, but zzzz overall. (13%, 620 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,874

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At least Jamie Campbell Bower is amusing himself:

It’s not a bad Taylor Swift impersonation, theoretically, but he needs more nude sparkly dresses and some scribbled lyrics insulting something about Lily from when they dated, perhaps cobbled together entirely from Phil Collins song titles.

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