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MTV’s new Teen Wolf series is premiering on Sunday after the Movie Awards, and even though no wolves play basketball, I will be watching because: a) one of my friends works on the show, and b) I’m completely curious how the network rebooted a fluffy iconic movie into something sort of twisty and hormonally angsty, although I guess Joss Whedon basically pulled that trick with Buffy, so we know it can be done.

In honor of that, we have for you a slideshow of Hot (Mostly) Werewolves In Film And TV — just a tasty little sampling — and a contest worth a $100 iTunes gift card. Not bad, eh?┬áHere are the rules: In the comments, make your own cheesy/cheesy-awesome werewolf movie title and/or tagline. Our favorite gets the prize. And as a bonus, here’s a trailer for the show in which you get to see a pretty girl tell you to go fug yourself (sort of). THAT doesn’t happen every day, right?

To the comments! We’ll post the winner on Monday, so get all your entries in by 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday.

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Comments (87):

  1. Julia

    But: Seth Green! How can you exclude Oz?

  2. judi

    Teen Wolf
    Because writing original scripts is really, really hard, you guys.

  3. Mary B

    Teen Wolf: Because Teen Wolf 2 wasn’t wolf enough.

  4. Caroline

    Yes – another vote for Sett Green/Oz! Also, was I the only fan of “Big Wolf on Campus”?

  5. Janie

    I’m with Julia–No love for Oz? Seth Green is so dorky and cute! And he made me cry when he cheated on Willow…

  6. Rachel

    I’ve gotta second Julia’s concern up above. I kept looking forward to seeing what shot of him you’d pick after you name-dropped Buffy in the post. And then his pocket-sized stoic face and rainbow hair were nowhere to be seen. *single tear*

  7. Chasmosaur

    Oh c’mon Heather – Joss Whedon did not actually reboot “a fluffy iconic movie into something sort of twisty and hormonally angsty…” His original take was more like the series, but the movie director and producers – Fran Rubel and Kaz Kuzui – thought it would have broader appeal as a comedy.


    These are the same people who probably got rich from their non-contribution to Buffy AND Angel, but were technically executive producers because when they produced the movie, they got the rights from Joss Whedon. Which is why they are attempting to reboot the franchise without Joss Whedon or anyone from the show.

  8. Anne

    Fuzz: Puberty is Hell.

  9. Chasmosaur
  10. linda

    Secret Beast: His Love Will Maul You

  11. Anne

    Oh, hell! That should read “Fuzz: Puberty is a Killer.” Double entry. Sorry! Time for more coffee.

  12. lauren

    Where Wolf:

    “Even inter-species love is blind, which is great since this shapeshifter is invisible”

  13. rach

    So the current tagline for the MTV reboot is “Love. Be Afraid.” Which, well, sucks. Still sucky, but at least amusing, “Love. Be afraid … of hairballs”, “Not your average wolf in sheep’s clothing”, “And you thought be a normal teen was hard”, “Keep an eye on your granny!” … ok. admittedly, those are all pretty terrible. I hope others give you guys more to work with!
    Note: The tagline from the first movie wasn’t all that great either : “He wanted to be special … but he never expected this …”

  14. Ash

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – Zombie Pirates vs. Werewolves
    Jack Sparrow – leader of the pack!

    But the one I actually want to see is:
    Joe Manganiello brings me breakfast in bed wearing only his boxers.

  15. Susan

    Ferris, What Big Teeth You Have

  16. foo

    Dirty Hairy

    Because you know when he sees a full moon, so will you.

    Note: Based on my love of the movie American Werewolf in London. Not just that part, either.

  17. Coleen

    Teen Wolf: The kid from “Jumanji” graduates from monkey makeup to wolf.

  18. Leeza

    I also can’t believe you forgot Seth Green!

  19. Carrie

    BAD HAIR DAY: Because werewolves need manscaping…

  20. Dionne

    Luna Adolpha: Werewolf Cheerleader – High school is a bitch, now so is she.

  21. Brooke

    Teen Wolf: He’ll Make you Howl at the Moon

  22. Cecilia

    The Breakfast Cub

    A brain, an athlete, a baskecase, a princess, a criminal and a werewolf. This time someone gets eaten!

  23. Rachel

    Werwolf Bar Mitzvah
    Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves.

    Okay, I stole that from 30 Rock. My actual submission is below.

    Leader of the Pack
    Bitches beware: this lupine Lothario is marking his territory.

  24. Danielle

    Fangs for the Memories
    (imagine the angst potential for an amnesiac werewolf!)

    He woke up with six pack abs and blood on his hands……now he only has 30 days to remember why?!?!?!?!

  25. cb

    I got such mileage out of my uncle being MJF’s wolf-dad in that movie – the adorable Jim Hampton.

  26. Lee

    Definitely with everyone else on the omission of Oz!

    I think I’ll go with my initial thought as a tagline though :)

    Teen Wolf: No… seriously.

  27. Ree

    “They never talked about this in health class”

    (Starring Megan Fox, of course. Although she might need to change her last name.)

  28. Angie

    “Teen Wolf: Pretty Sure You Can’t Hide This Behind Your Binder.”

  29. J

    Howl you doing?

  30. eee

    Preteen Wolf: Those hairy palms aren’t what you think…

  31. Chelsey

    Werewives: For these sisters it was love at first bite

    Also, where was Seth Green? Oz is the werewolf that makes me swoon!

  32. Shannon

    You forgot Seth Green in Buffy!! He was Oz, the love of Willow’s life, until he died. Then she turned all bad Wiccan. And lesbian. With Tara.

  33. LindsayGoon

    Teen Wolf 2: Electric Woolfaroo

  34. Ash

    No Oz = Sadness! I think you’re going to have to edit this post :)
    Also, is David Thewlis not catchy enough as Professor Lupin?? I think he’s adorable, especially around Tonks.

  35. Ailex

    Hair. But Less Iconic.

  36. M

    40 Year-Old Virgin Werewolf
    “We’re gonna need a lot more wax…”

  37. narshkite

    Forget Michael J. Fox you Silly Boomers. Millenials, you are on Skin TV so …

    Teen Wolf
    This is One Wolf Who Knows Where to Bury His Bone.

  38. Dionne

    No Michael Landon? The original teen werewolf.

    My submission:
    Luna Lupa: Werewolf Cheerleader – High school’s a bitch, now so is she.

  39. Kellyellyoxenfree

    The Furminator

    He feels no pain or fear. Your future is in his paws.

  40. GFY Heather

    Apologies for omitting Seth Green, but I didn’t watch Buffy back then, so I had no idea he was a werewolf. And regardless of what Whedon intend the first Buffy to be, it turned into an iconic fluffball — not an insult — and so he had to reboot the series as something twistier (also not an insult). So rest east, Whedonites, I was not insulting him.

  41. GFY Heather

    Also, I only had about 20 minutes to put this together so it was never going to be exhaustive. My apologies!

  42. Gail

    The Werewolves of the Runway: Revenge of the Fur Coats

  43. Gina Caplan

    Transgender Wolf: Hirsute, now in his suit.

  44. vinniepop

    Once, he was just a cute dog.
    Then, he was bitten by a werewolf.
    Now, no one is safe from…

    He’ll be burying YOUR bones next.

  45. Amy Anonymous

    HAIRY Potter IX : Professor Lupin’s Revenge ( I am considering ’7′ as also ’8′ because it was split)

    It’s (Fenrir) Grayback time!

  46. Amy Anonymous

    Tales of a Lycanthrope : Howl the fur really flew!

  47. Amy Anonymous

    LA Lycanthrope : Hooray for HOWLlywood!

  48. Colleen

    Give me a Seth Green/Oz slideshow, and I’ll call it even.

  49. Amy Anonymous


  50. Hayley

    Ehm…how about:

    “Teeny Wolf – Grrreat things come in small Pack(ages)”

    (I’m Sorry).

  51. Mahastee

    I was hoping that Seth Green as Oz was going to be the grand finale. Oh well :(

    But if you didn’t watch Buffy back then, you should do yourself a favour and do some catching up, the first few years were BRILLIANT.

    And what about Professor Lupin?

  52. Rhanda

    Werewolves on Parade: You Can, I Can, LYCAN.

    The Notorious W.O.L. F.: Mo’ Silver, Mo Problems.

  53. Heta

    My Feral Lady: Scratch that Bitch!

  54. Leia

    Joss Whedon didn’t exactly reboot, he wrote the original Buffy.

  55. cath

    All the Better

    “All the better to watch you with…
    All the better to hear you with…
    All the better to touch you with…
    All the better to eat you with…
    My Dear.”

  56. Karrie

    (from the makers of Entourage and Keeping up with the Kardashians:)
    Wolf Pack – the tales of Scott Wolf and his hirsute friends.

  57. Lesley

    Big Bad Wolf: Sink Your Teeth In.

  58. Mongerel


  59. Lesley

    Shewolf 2: The Bitch is Back.

  60. Jill

    Wolf-Gang Punk: Recipe for a New (Wave) Moon

  61. Kathleen

    Flair-wolves: Every full moon, things take a turn for the FABULOUS!

  62. Heta

    Can I submit two?

    Love in the Time of Collars: Unleash the passion!

  63. Kate Monster

    Sleepless in Transylvania
    What if someone you never met…someone you never knew…was the only werewolf for you?

    [In this long-awaited sequel to Nora Ephron's classic coast-to-coast love story , we finally find out what was so "sick" about Rick! Rosie O'Donnell reprises her role as Becky, and David Spade joins as her star-crossed lycan lover.]

  64. spoon

    Am I the only one a little annoyed that this website is getting so commercial? First Spoiled is mentioned only every other day, and now you’re even promoting teen shows on MTV? Not cool, you guys.

  65. Rose

    Loan Wolf – Things Just Got Hairy!
    “A bail bondsman/wolf thought he had the perfect life. Steady income, great hours and reliable customers who always pay up because of fear. But when he falls in love with the daughter of a conman who runs away from his debt, will love be enough to keep him from acting like an animal?”

  66. Asiuzdra

    Hairy Potter and Waxed-Chested Prince

  67. Linda

    Wolves, gangs and Mozart – the modern-day musical

  68. Chrissie

    Sister Werewives: Lycanthropy and Polygamy.

  69. Tanim

    ” The Moonlight Growls”
    -the ladies are in for some hairy action

  70. Tanim

    ok this is what I wanted to post
    ” The Midnight Growls”
    -under the moonlit night, the ladies are in for some hairy action

  71. Abby

    Teen Wolf: Because Pre-Teen wolf would just be a nightmare.

    Teen Wolf: Because lycanthropy doesn’t come with a gift receipt.

  72. RenaissanceGrrl

    Wolf Whistle: When this sexy beast says he wants to take you out for dinner, it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  73. DB77

    Karl Lagerfeld’s WEARwolf Diaries & The Full-Moon Fan (because howling is sooo last season)

  74. MelbourneDreaming

    Teen Wolf: Puberty just got a whole lot hairier

    Teen Wolf: The Monthly Curse isn’t just for girls

    Teen Wolf: Twilight for Jocks

    Teen Wolf: It’s P.M.T: Popular-kid Mauling Time!

    I think I’ll stop there.

    x melbournedreaming

  75. Katie

    Summer Camp for Werewolves: In the summer, these kids are like animals!

    Santa Claus Vs. the Werewolves: Ho Ho Ho takes on Hooooowl!

    Space Wolves: In space, it’s always a full moon!

  76. Lesley

    Shallow Howl

  77. Katie

    Invisi-Wolf: Do you know Were your Wolf is?

  78. Laura

    Fur Will Fly

    One woman’s quest to understand the extreme hairiness of the man she loves.

  79. Lori

    HairWolf Too. Cause one isn’t enough.

  80. KPM

    Wolf Boys: When the Eyes Glow Yellow, They’re Done

  81. Caitrin

    I, too, was looking forward to Oz. I think you need to do a Seth Green retrospective to make up for this egregious oversight!

  82. Jessica B

    Thank you for yur continued One Tree Hill love. You are on the money about Man-face.

  83. Anya

    MTV, Teen Wolf is the fetch of TV. Stop trying to make Teen Wolf happen. It’s not going to.

  84. trojandoll

    I’m just wondering why so many of these warewolves are named Tyler?

  85. bhardt

    She’s Just Wild About Hairy.

  86. Heather

    Spoon: I’m sorry you feel that way! We don’t control our advertorials, unfortunately — the posts are not our choice, so we try to make sure it’s at least content we’ve created for you — and as for Spoiled, well, we’re expected to promote the heck out of it. We have to hustle for ourselves. Wouldn’t you?

  87. Hosen

    Airwolf: When the vapidness of high school and hirsuteness collide. (And yes, the title IS a nod to the ’80s series starring Jan Michael Vincent yet in no way related to teen wolves).