MTV’s new Teen Wolf series is premiering on Sunday after the Movie Awards, and even though no wolves play basketball, I will be watching because: a) one of my friends works on the show, and b) I’m completely curious how the network rebooted a fluffy iconic movie into something sort of twisty and hormonally angsty, although I guess Joss Whedon basically pulled that trick with Buffy, so we know it can be done.

In honor of that, we have for you a slideshow of Hot (Mostly) Werewolves In Film And TV — just a tasty little sampling — and a contest worth a $100 iTunes gift card. Not bad, eh?┬áHere are the rules: In the comments, make your own cheesy/cheesy-awesome werewolf movie title and/or tagline. Our favorite gets the prize. And as a bonus, here’s a trailer for the show in which you get to see a pretty girl tell you to go fug yourself (sort of). THAT doesn’t happen every day, right?

To the comments! We’ll post the winner on Monday, so get all your entries in by 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday.