So Much Better Played, Vanessa Hudgens


This is such a huge step forward from her ENTIRE Fug Madness run, not to mention the recurring lace tightaloons of doom, that I am tempted to stand up and applaud and then break into a victory dance. But eating a cookie is easier, so I’m doing that instead. It’s the right decision; I have no rhythm.

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  1. Cordelia

    I feel like this is something Michelle Obama would wear… or has already worn.

  2. Squirrel!

    Ooh, that first dress definitely needs to be in my closet!

  3. Stefanie

    Why did her head just come from the gym? I HATE that bun.

  4. Donna

    They both look gorgeous! Wow, just shows that if you walk around looking Fug most of the time, when you do scrub up, it has real impact. And I LOVE his suit – it is divine.

  5. Carol

    What has happened to the real Vanessa … can’t possibly be the same person who walks about in oversized torn tee shirts and lacy tights/ragged denim short shorts and horrible accessories. Issue a BOLO for the read Hudgens immediately!

  6. kathotdog

    I have never been a fan of the bun. Especially the “top of the head bun.” TotH Bun is just lazy styling.

  7. LBG

    That updo is not CLOSE to the cliff… is flying over the edge,
    holding hands with Thelma and Louise!!

  8. D

    “I usually don’t like the pinned-up fake bobs…”

    At first I read this as pinned-up fake boobs and was mightily confused. (I didn’t think her boobs were fake. Also, how exactly does one pin up boobs? That sounds really painful. And unnecessary, considering the advancements they’ve made with double-sided tape.)

    Love the first look. The dress is so pretty and her hair looks really cute like that.

    • JessicaAZ

      Ha! @D – I read the exact same thing and was so very confused for a moment!!

    • Jamie

      Me too – Pinned up fake boobs? What the hell?

      Although, I’m thinking the long hair she had before was fake because there’s no way her hair has grown back from that awful “mom-chop” cut she had a few months ago. So, I think the bun might look a little lackluster because there’s just not enough hair for a proper topknot.

    • Squirrel!

      And another yes. Pinned-up fake boobs what?

  9. Kate

    just say no to sternum windows, gym buns and neck tattoos.

    Love the first look.

  10. Robin

    That first dress is gorgeous. We’ve been snarking on sheer overlays all week, but look, they actually can be done tastefully in a flattering way! Apparently the key is to have them covering actual fabric rather than naughty bits (/obvious).

  11. TaraMisu

    “tightaloons” :D :D :D :D

    Love the first look, fab!

  12. LindenLovesFashion

    Quibbling on the first look – I wish the top had the white lining underneath all the way to the top of the neck and along the sleeves. It looks so fresh and sharp against her olive skin, and that unrelieved black lace ‘stuff’ reminds me that VHudz is too young to be taking style lessons from the woman you so aptly named ‘the Widow Longoria.’ However, it’s fresh, pretty, appropriate, and no body parts that will haunt her in the future are being put on display. The other pix….I’m passing on. I’m just dragging myself with exhausted relief up on the island that is Dress #1, panting and grateful.

  13. Chicklet

    I want that black-and-white dress like burning.

  14. Chasmosaur

    Did anyone else see that first dress and think it’s an updated version of Grace Kelly’s dress from Rear Window? (One of my favorite cinematic wardrobes, EVER – I decided that in one of those fictitious “if you could have lunch with anyone” questions, I would just want to put Edith Head and Tim Gunn at a table, introduce myself and then shut up).

    • pantsonfire

      OMG. I have adored that wardrobe since I was a wee tot (that movie has been and always will be one of my all-time favorites). They began selling the Mark Cross bags at Barneys last year and I played out several fantasies in my mind that involved stuffing peignoirs in them. My favorite outfit of that movie is her green pencil skirt suit, white halter combo.

      Grace Kelly’s clothes in all the Hitchcocks are amazing.

    • anny

      “Why, we sell half a dozen in this price range every week!”

  15. Shannon

    Good Ole Wilke…

  16. Susan

    I need that black and white dress. And then I need somewhere to wear it.

  17. LB

    I want that first dress. Too cute. I’ll leave her the other one and the heinous top of the head bun. Yuck. Overall, it’s a big improvement.

  18. val.

    The first dress is cute for sure.

    The second is a huge FUG for me though. It doesn’t fit her well. It looks kind of sad instead of being sexy. I think very few women can pull off those plunging Vs and she’s not one of them.

  19. Sabrina


    Uh, Vanessa looks really cute. Good for her.

  20. pantsonfire

    Cap sleeves are no one’s friend. I know it’s harsh to hear, but nine times out of ten, they are your enemy. They fatten every arm. Broaden every shoulder. The first dress would be great sans cap sleeves.

    The second dress, I love. Although, I am having mixed feelings about how low cut it is. I’m imagining it on someone less endowed, and it works better in my mind. So, I would say, I’m conceptually fine with the deepness of the neckline on a very small boobed person, but for most others, I’d recommend a slightly more modest cut. Her hair is straight up hideous in that second dress.

  21. Sandra

    When the sheer fad finally dies its deservedly fiery death, I hope it takes the exposed sternum trend with it to hell.

  22. ceecee

    The first dress is so cute. The second is a little boob-tastic but not offensively so. Compared to her Fug Madness portfolio she doesn’t even look like the same person.

  23. R

    Why couldn’t Katie Holmes wear this black and white dress?

  24. Jennipher Lewis

    She kinda looks like Mila Kunis in the second pix, who would totally wear dress number two.

  25. vandalfan

    She certainly has hair issues. The first dress is fab, but the second? I don’t know if it’s my pearl-clutching nature or an accurate complaint, but to me it’s just a large, ill-fitted nightgown and looks frankly obscene. Public display of the top of the boob, sideboob, AND underboob is bad on anyone, never mind a darn kid like her!

  26. Shanti

    Something about that second getup makes her look like a little girl playing dressup in mommy’s gown.

    The black and white is unreservedly gorgeous, though.

  27. fritanga

    One decent dress does not a Fug Career dismantle. Tomorrow she’ll be back to the shredded too long jeans, tie-dye crop top, macrame and bead duster vest, woven leather floppy hat and suede patchwork boots with studs. Mark my words.

  28. Nancy

    Love the first. Don’t love the second – it ages her and it’s not flattering. And, very bad hair.

  29. NYCGirl

    The first one is nice, but the second seems matronly. It also seems as if it’s going to slip off her chest.

  30. Sajorina

    I like the dresses and hate the styling, but on the inside the FUG MADNESS winner still lurks and will come back from Venice with a vengeance!

  31. Pouncer

    Was Austin cloned from Macauley Culkin?

    I love the first dress. She looks incredibly good in it.

    I wish the second dress had another inch of fabric on the v-plunge. That much skin never works for me.

  32. Ms. A.

    The first look is very mom-ish. I loathe that bun in the 2nd look. And that dress looks cheap.

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