I think Jessica Chastain is one of the celebs Fug Nation MOST wants to see succeed. We are pulling for you in general, Chastain! We want you to show up places looking fantastic and being happy! Which honestly is what we want for most celebrities.  This might be a step in the right direction?

Or…is it? I liked it at first glance — that skirt is the cutest, and I love a polka dot AND I love a neck bow — but the more I look at it, the more I am unsure. I THINK I like it? Ish? Mostly? Sure. Right? Maybe? Honestly, you guys, I don’t even know anymore. And what I really don’t know is why she can’t just show up places looking great. SHE is great-looking. IT’S SO CONFUSING. Like algebra.  If X = adorable genetics, and Y = unlimited access to anything she could possibly want to wear, shouldn’t X + Y = Awesome?

Admittedly, I got a D in Pre-Algebra. Please do the math for me.

  • This DOES equal awesome. (13%, 717 Votes)
  • This somehow equals WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAH. Also known as "meh." (68%, 3,706 Votes)
  • This equals flames on the sides of my face. (19%, 1,025 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,448

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