Private Fugtrice

Dear Alex Kingston,

I love you, but you are not Helena Bonham Carter. And that’s OKAY. Also: why do you currently have an American accent on Private Practice? A) that character doesn’t need to be an American, B) We all know what your actual voice sounds like, so it’s distracting, C) you are an excellent actress, but your American accent is really not great, D) Why am I still watching Private Practice AND more invested in it than ever? I DON’T KNOW. Is it because Amy Brenneman has good hair (although I believe it MAY be a wig at the moment, it is a wig I want on my own head)? Or because Taye Diggs has good…everything? REGARDLESS: here we are.

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  1. Jules

    She is a great actress though.

  2. LindaD

    I will mention the elephant in the room: the shoes. I think she’s seen too many Kristen Stewart red carpet moments. K-Stew can be scarring for the impressionable.

  3. Jill

    I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING ABOUT HER ACCENT (and about why I am watching/invested in Private Practice). IT’S THOROUGHLY DISTRACTING.

  4. Sandra

    Chop off the bottom tier, take her shoe-shopping, and tame the hair and this could actually be at least fab-adjacent.

  5. Willow

    It’s the “Black Swan” to Natalie Portman’s “White Swan” Golden Globes dress!

  6. pinkcheese

    Honestly, I think the shoes are event related. I don’t watch Private Practive, but I do watch (and adore) Doctor Who, which is what she’s promoting here, and the shoes could very well be a wink and a nod to the 10th Doctor. That being said, I really don’t like her character on the show, and it’s starting to make me not like her.

  7. Mary

    She would look completely adorable if she was 4 years old.

  8. Laura

    yes she is, she is great

  9. vandalfan

    Looks like one of those peasant skirts of the ’60′s, and again in the ’90′s, hoiked up over her bosoms. And it certainly makes a mystery of where her actual waist might be. However, if she was HBC, one shoe would be black and the other pink, or chartreuse.

    But she WAS excellent in Dr. Who.

  10. Emi!y

    My mom and I decided that she’s doing the awful accent so people don’t think she’s the same doctor from ER.

    I don’t even know what to think about the outfit. Maybe she’s suffering from Clooney Withdrawl.

    Regardless, she is awesome in Dr. Who.

  11. Breda

    Pinkcheese: I was thinking the same thing about the shoes. They were a poor choice for that, especially as they look like they imitating Converse rather than actually being them, but it makes sense. I’m willing to be half the people there were wearing Chucks with suits.

    That doesn’t make the dress ok, though.

  12. Sarie

    I really dislike her on Dr. Who and this does not make me like her any more.

  13. A.J.

    I HATE River Song and the very mention of her name gets my blood pressure up, and I don’t watch Private Practice, so the only way I know the actress is from Doctor Who and since I hate River SO FREAKING MUCH, yeah, I pretty much don’t like Alex Kingston. I’m sorry, Alex Kingston. You might be a lovely person, albeit one with a giant red flower in your chestular region, but I just don’t like you.

  14. Nina

    She will always be Dr. Corday to me!

    Those shoes are horrid. The dress isn’t anything spectacular; it just sags in all the wrong places, but the shoes take it to new level of lazy fug.

    I also watch Private Practice as a guilty pleasure, but only for Kadee Strickland.

  15. Jules

    It’s all about Taye.

  16. Dawn

    I agree totally. Also, what is it about Private Practice that just won’t let me go either? Oh yes, it is that beautiful, beautiful man. Sigh, Taye, I would like to lick you from head to toe. Seriously, he and his wife, the amazing Idina Menzel, are one of my favorite famous couples.

  17. sab

    She may be wearing the shoes because of the tenth Doctor, but David Tennant can pull that look off, she did not. I also hate River Song with a passion, which makes me wish she were not at this event. but she is probably a very lovely person, I just can not stand her character.

    All in all this is bad. Really bad.

  18. LYNN

    At first glance I totally thought it was CARROT TOP in a DRESS!! E-gads!

  19. Jadzia

    Well, since she is River Song on Doctor Who (and this was a Doctor Who event), I can only assume that she arrived immediately after spending an hour being chased by/chasing down aliens who were intent on destroying the Earth and working with Matt Smith to dispatch said aliens. But since she really misses David Tennant as Doctor Who she’s wearing faux Converses in silent tribute to him.

    Hey, it’s better than thinking that the lovely Alex Kingston consciously chose to wear this disaster when she cleans up so nicely.

  20. Alix

    I can’t believe you only fugged Alex Kingston here. Yes, she was clearly the worst by a long shot, but Matt Smith and Karen Gillan both had EQUALLY BAD shoes. It’s like they were all wearing time-travel inspired footwear. Didn’t see Arthur Darvill’s shoes to judge but his shirt was bad.

  21. Willow

    today I have learned I am the only person who LOVES River Song on Dr. Who, the next series starts in 10 days here in the UK :D

  22. Gina

    Willow, you aren’t the only one…I liked her at lot as River Song! (Although I have NOT seen any of the Matt Smith episodes — gotta Netflix them soon! — so I don’t know if she was in any of those and did something to merit the aforementioned hatred.)

  23. Anne B

    Doctor Corday, hello. This why Rafe Fines broke up witchoo?

    Okay okay. I have no right to throw tiny mocky stones, here. I am here to say — with no pride or hope of redemption — that I can see myself wearing this. (After ripping off that red *thing* because it “gets in the way of all my black”.)

    Shoes included. Who wants to wear the platform sky-highs all the time? Who wants to be sewn into something she’s just gonna need some help peeling off later? Who doesn’t want to be wacky and comfortable (and black) once in a while? Right?

    I’m not happy with it but I get it. That’s all.

  24. Jadzia

    Gina – You’re not alone in liking her a lot as River Song! I can’t wait to see what we find out about her in the new series of Doctor Who. “Hello sweetie.”

  25. Edel

    Look, her Louboutins are in the Tardis, so she couldn’t wear them. (Apparently, after Time of Angels and Flesh & Stone were filmed, Matt Smith requested that River’s utterly fantastic stilettos from the opening scene be left on the Tardis set. Because they were fantastic) In any case, River Song gets a pass from me for this. I love her and all the current DW cast too much to see them through anything except awesome coloured glasses.

  26. M.Amanda

    I think I was going to reference Robert Downey, Jr. at an awards show, but Taye Diggs… ummmm, I somehow totally lost my train of thought.

  27. Breda

    Alix: I get the idea that Karen Gillan has no idea how to dress herself (and it’s not even like she can turn to her costumers on the show, because DUDE, REALLY?), and Matt Smith is like a hipster version of his Doctor, so with both of them, I’m likely to look at them, sigh, and then move on. They’re also both so personally adorable that I don’t care. But Alex Kingston should know better. Actually, she probably should’ve just shown up in costume.

  28. avidbeader

    Add me to those who HATE the character of River Song. But I’m trying very hard to separate the character from the actress. That being said, even if she is giving a nod to Who, the Chucks are a thing of the previous Doctor. If she wanted to do that she should have worn boots like the current Doctor. It wouldn’t have helped the dress much, but they would have at least been in the same ballpark as the dress.

    (She could have worn a fez! Fezzes are cool!)

  29. Judith

    On another note, both Amy Brenneman and Audra McDonald have tweeted about getting wigged up to film PP.

  30. Alix

    Fezzes FTW! +1 to avidbeader

  31. Shy

    wow, I had no idea there were so many Who fans on GFY! This is oddly exciting for me. Anyway, I like River Song and Alex Kingston, but this outfit doesn’t work. I don’t think it’s fug, though.
    Also, stetsons are cool.

  32. Lauren

    I pretty much adore her to pieces, so I can’t hate on this as it’s one of the less quirky things she’s worn. She looked like she was having a blast at this event though, so I can’t hate.

  33. Soapstef

    I love her so much I don’t care about the shoes!! I’d need a third DVR if I wanted to watch Private Practice, so I’ll go with my memories. Best Moll Flanders ever! Lovely to see you dear.

  34. Kim

    I too hate the accent on Private Practice. It just doesn’t sound right.

    Why am I still watching? The same reason I started watching: Audra McDonald. Quite possibly one of the most gorgeous women on the planet (except when she skins her hair back from her face, hate that).

    As for this outfit, well, it might be marginally better with a red belt instead of the hideous flower (a trend which can go away RIGHT NOW, please) but still, just eh.

  35. Alexandra

    My question is more… she has that hot, hot outfit as River Song on Doctor Who. Why not just wear that?

  36. Milla

    Oh, Alex. I can’t help it (count me in as one of those Who fans who loves River Song) and just must always adore you to pieces. The clothes are terrible, of course, but whatever, it’s a Doctor Who event. I’m more worried about Matt the Hipster Doctor. Will the Tardis be too mainstream next series?

  37. KLe

    I haven’t watched Private Practice in years, but it sounds like Alex Kingston’s American accent hasn’t improved since I last saw her attempt one in Sweet Land. And I love her.

  38. Allison

    I’m glad it’s not just me! Her natural voice totally worked when she was on ER, and the American accent is just….bad. Although Private Practice is still just what’s on after Grey’s for me, so I’m not terribly invested.

  39. Emma

    On Hailee Steinfeld, totally cute. On Alex Kingston, seriously cringeworthy.

    And three quarters of the time it’s totally unnecessary to make British and Australian actors fake an American accent. It rarely sounds right, and can’t American shows have British and Australian characters?