Did I ever tell you guys about the time I worked on Growing Up Gotti? One week, when my boss was on his honeymoon, leaving me in charge, our Avid (the wicked expensive professional editing equipment) caught on fire. It was literally aflame. It was, shall I say, apt as I often felt as though I were in hell on that show. Not because of my coworkers — who were lovely and also stewing in the flames with me — but because there is something really, really depressing about being stuck in a wee office in the Valley, where it is 95 degrees and smoggy, watching the Gotti boys trudge through Italy, complaining the entire time about how much it sucked for them to be lying out on the Amalfi coast. I was extra stabby that summer.

However, it does give me priceless insight into this:

Well, she’s got the extensions down.

And, actually, Victoria had a predilection for tiny short-shorts, too, so…hey, maybe this casting isn’t as big of a disaster as everyone seems to think.