People’s Choice Awards: Lots of Famous People

Rolling right along. Man, a lot more people go to the People’s Choice Awards than I realized. I guess they DO care about The People. That’s a warm feeling.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. anna s.

    Oh Emma. You could do so much better in couture, and from the vaguely vexed expression on your face, you know it.

    TSwift: BORING. If she wore the dress that Emma Watson is wearing, I wouldn’t even bother critiquing her because I’d be picking my jaw off the floor at the fact that she was wearing something other than white/nude.

    I liked Paris Hilton’s frock. I feel like I should go say ten Hail Marys and prostrate myself to Grace Kelly in penance.

    Heidi’s dress would have been better if the interlocking theme had been carried further down. Stopping at the midsection like that just makes the hip cutout look weird and makes the slit look extraneous where it could have been integral if it had been better incorporated into the theme of the dress.

    Seriously, Mme. Hayes?

    I actually love the Shay Mitchell dress. The dots feel textural, and the colours are great for her complexion.

    What was Goldeneye Monica Potter even thinking?

    I actually liked all of Kaley’s dresses. The black one was the most borderline, but even that one came out on the tasteful side of cleavage instead of the “please no more illusion mesh” side. Her other dresses I thought were cute. She could certainly have done much worse on a very big stage.

  2. breathesgelatin

    Where is Lana Lang?? Lana Lang looked good! I demand pictures of Lana Lang!

  3. val.

    I am really confused about where Emma Watson’s boobs are in that dress. Seems like the cutouts are in all the wrong places but I see nothing! Seriously, I’m intrigued by this.

    • Annie E

      I think being able to wear this dress (which I love, but I’m probably in the minority) is one of the benefits of having small boobs.

      • DK

        I think the “cutouts” by the boob area aren’t cutouts but instead have flesh colored fabric there.

    • Elizabeth

      I wondered where Emma’s boobs were too! I’m sure that the cutouts DO have flesh-colored fabric behind them. But they’re placed smack across nipple city and it looks like she’s…missing boobs. It’s disconcerting, in a dress that I otherwise would have just looked at as fun, young, and funky. Love her shoes.

  4. val.

    And I really hated Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. The top is so dowdy.

  5. Sarah

    Why were some of these picture taken in the void/heaven?

  6. Jodi

    Photo 17- Kaley’s second tutu- is a look that Zooey Deschanel can only dream of.

  7. laura

    I wish more of my clothes were tutu-adjacent…

  8. ChristieLea

    Can’t Paris Hilton afford bows anymore? Is that why they’re printed on her dress instead?

    And NYARRRGH her smug face. It’s very “There! I’m still important enough to get invited to award shows. Is Kim K here? NO. SO THERE.”

  9. cathy

    i agree on everything with you girls. lots of interesting outfits in this slideshow, that is refreshing.
    and sadly, i’m with you on cox-aniston thing. cox is a wonderful woman with classic beauty that would have aged so well, i just don’t understand it. :(
    aniston on the other hand is someone who has good genes (you go, mediteranian ladies), took good care of herself and used a little help of modern medicine without going to far

  10. Andrew S.

    J. Law looks like she stole a costume from Cloris’ Dancing with the Stars one, and not even a cute one!

  11. Edith

    Oooh, I hate what Jennifer Aniston is wearing. Well, I hate the skirt. Tutu-adjacent leather is a little on-the-nose for a woman whose main occupation since Friends ended has been being “Not Angelina Jolie.” Also, I know that “beachy” is her thing, but honestly, we should just enforce a spray tan/bronzer blockade of southern California; everyone would eventually look so much better. (Also, my auto-correct keeps turning “beachy” into “be achy.”)

    Cut-outs or not, I love Emma Watson’s dress. It isn’t for everyone, but she wears it well (and not the other way apart. Paris Hilton’s dress is awesome, but she doesn’t wear it, or anything else, well. Did her pelvis finally freeze like that? And I’m seriously confused by the People’s Choice Awards dress codes. Yes, Taylor Swift and Emmy Rossum looked awesome in long gowns, but why were they wearing gowns, when most women were wearing cocktail dresses? (Emmy Rossum I understand; she put the “EE” in “TWEE,” after all.) It just seems like there’s confusion as to how dressy this event is. Everyone seemed to aim for “not the Oscars,” but they interpreted that very very differently….

  12. TaraMisu

    Paris Hilton’s shoes make me stabby. As does she.

  13. Hima

    Jesse Williams is gorgeous (and Ellen Pompeo looks pretty as his date), but what the hell shoes is he wearing? Purple? Suede? With laces?

    Whatever, he’s still gorgeous.

  14. Ghanimatrix

    Katy Perry looks like she was going for Zooey Deschanel, but forgot her black tights and WHIMSY.

  15. Emma

    Fug Girls, I’m concerned that you’re not filled with enough hate. Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is AWFUL. I don’t get why she’s wearing all these slimy-looking black dresses that look like something Liz Taylor might have worn in the 70′s. And Jennifer Aniston looks utterly ridiculous. The waist on her leather dress is too high, and the skirt is too poufy. Paris Hilton looks silly, and Heidi Kulm looks like she’s tangled up in a python.

    • Aphy

      I agree with you in every point you made.

    • Helen

      Thirding these remarks.

      Also, I don’t think there’s anything classy about showing as much bare boob as Taylor Swift is doing here. Quite the opposite in fact.

    • Jules

      Agreed. She looks absolutely awful in that dress, like a disco Stay-Puft Junior Marshmallow Gal.

  16. ringthing

    Nothing to add, just jumping off the Monica Potter MVP caption: Parenthood is KILLING it this season, isn’t it? Every story line is a nail biter.

  17. regina

    Heath, Jess – I love the hypothetical conversation between Kristen and Emma… you guys rock.
    I also love Jennifer Lawrence’s dress.
    Over and out

  18. Laura E.

    I thought Katy Perry was Amanda Peet, at first. It’s a very Peet dress.

  19. Brooke M

    Perhaps it is tacky to reference D Listed here, but I’m going to go out on a limb on this one, because I believe what they had to say about Jennifer Lawrence’s dress seemed so apt that I’ve been waiting for this picture to come up here so I could mention it:

    “If Oksana Baiul skated to the Dynasty theme song as Alexis Carrington, this is what she would wear as her costume. If Jennifer Lawrence didn’t slap down a basic blonde, steal a bitch’s man and become the majority shareholder of her arch rival’s company last night, I’ll be severely disappointed with her. Because you should only wear a hot dress like that if you want to slap a trick, home wreck a family and take over a company.”
    From D Listed

  20. Sandra

    I read that Emma Watson recently got asked by authorities at JFK where her parents were. Looking at this, I can see why. She does look about 15 here. I know she’s tiny and delicate, but she’s old enough to order her own drinks now and a little styling in that direction would help.

    Also, I <3 Penny! Some of her dresses are great, some are meh, but they are all kinda similar and thus not worth changing all the time.

  21. Sallie T

    Ellen Pompeo is channeling Scruples-era Lindsay Wagner in such a great way.

  22. Stefanie

    What is with the white background? Everyone looks like they’re floating!

    I loved Taylor’s dress. It was sexy and classy and all around good.

    I like Paris’ dress too.

    Jen looks okay. I dont love it or hate it. But OH MY GOD YES about Courtney Cox’s face. She looks terrible in those ads. We have a giant ass TV (thanks alot dear husband) and seeing her on it is startling. Okay fine, it’s scary.

    Rachel Lee Cook? I forgot about her! She looks great!

  23. Joanne

    Poor Emma – the growing out hair is limp. Now pixie cuts are about to be huge, obs she has to move on. But to this? And the dress is sucky too. Too much going on.

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  25. maryse

    i would have like Jennifer Anniston’s dress if it had been just a little longer. the proportions are off the way it is. and kaley always looks better with a little more lip. also i wish she would stop with the pigeon-toed thing. but overall i love her and i think she looked really good.

  26. Elizabeth

    One of these days, Paris Hilton is going to realize that leaning waaaaay back with arms akimbo for all her pictures does not make her look thinner, just more ridiculous than she looks all on her own. And she will stop, and begin standing for pictures like a human being.

  27. gena

    Really Kaley? You make A LOT of money. Hire someone to help you with your wardrobe choices. She looks like she just walked off the bus into the Big City and was invited to her first Hollywood party.
    That’s all.