People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Naomi Watts


This was going so well, until we noticed — as Heather said to me over my shoulder — that she appears to be wearing a gold dickie attached to her torso with pantyhose.

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  1. val.

    This is fug. Not only is the concept ridiculous, but it’s all saggy and droopy looking from the side. Yuck.

  2. Fawn

    I do not understand the pantyhose part. Did the designer (and presumably Naomi as well) not think the dress would be sexy if that 6 square inches of dress were opaque? I do LOVE the collar though.

  3. Lizzy

    Love the beaded neckline and shiny top – if only they had finished it!

  4. Nancy

    Oh crap I voted before I saw the back. Rookie error. I just got excited because it was shiny :(

  5. 7Kellx

    I absolutely loathe this…and not just because it’s so horribly executed. If this was better tailored and fit her flawlessly it would still leave a big question mark because this is the People’s Choice Awards!! Sure it’s not quite as casual as the Teen Choice Awards, but this is attempting to be way too sophisticated for an award show that honors things like Best Fandom. Oh Naomi, lighten up Hun.

  6. Mary

    Chainmail dickie… what a great name for a band!!

  7. Suzanne

    I just wish the shiny had continued around the back. Would’ve bee so ridiculously awesome. BUT NO. ALAS.

  8. Sarah

    If the gold continued where the pantyhose (haha) goes, I think it would be better.

    • Trace

      Yes, and if it had been close-fitting rather than blousy too.

      • Aphy

        Yes! I don’t like that extra fold of gold at her waist. It really makes this dress seem so poorly designed (which it is).

  9. Rayna

    I get excited about shiny things too, Nancy, and I truly adore Naomi. Above the neck and below the waist, she is fab, but that chainmail dickie is straight up fug.

    Did they run out of sequins?

  10. Squirrel!

    Agreed with continuing the gold across the back. I do love the jewelry around her neck — do we think it’s a necklace or part of the sequinned bib?

  11. pidget

    I can see where she was going, but no. If she had to stick with the idea, I would give this a proper low back (NO BACKYHOSE), and continue the gold sequins in a gently fitted skirt to the knee. Add nice delicate shoes, and a professional-looking hairdo as well. She’s so petite that chopping her up in any way isn’t a good idea, and makes her look short or stumpy. I think I would have preferred pewter or subdued silver, as well, rather than gold, to make her look like a more lively mermaid. Wait – I found it:

  12. Kat

    It’s the Marchesa effect – using illusion netting instead of properly thinking through the design. Such a shame. Could have been such a great dress.

  13. Mongerel

    Enlarge first picture —> Behold cheapo zipper attached to backyhose. Could have been a terrific halter…what can you do except laugh.

    • crackers

      Thanks for pointing that out! I think the dress went from “FABBB (at a distance)” to “sloppily put together”. This is why I should never impulse buy things.

  14. Scouse Helen

    The illusion netting ruins it. However, the scariest thing about this is her collarbones. She is way too thin. Put some weight on, Naomi!

  15. Helen

    If only there WERE any illusion about that netting.

  16. Deanna

    I think you put it up to a vote because she seems nice, and her liev and their kids seem normal, and you feel bad about just straight up slagging someone’s outfit when they seem like normal people.

  17. bex

    This would be good if Liev were in the picture. More Liev all the time!

  18. mary lou bethune

    She could do so much better. Let’s hope her dress for the Oscars is sumptuous and lovely, like she is and fierce like she was in the movie. I think she might win. LIke, are they going to give it to a baby or an old lady who could care less? I love Jennifer and she will rule with Emma stone one day, if not already, but it should be Naomi’s day.

  19. Megan

    At least the bib is going to stay put. If it was a choice between illusion netting and back/side nudity, I choose the netting.

    I appreciate the effort to keep the girls covered.

  20. jerkygirl

    Ditto everyone who said “pantyhose WHAAAAAAAAT???!!!?!?” and wishes it had been made of gold sequins all around. The chainmail bib is NO. Could have been so beautiful, could have been so right, etc.

  21. Bottle Ginger

    I agree that the “illusion netting” ruins it, not that it’s much of an illusion. More like a pantyhose bustier.

    If they’d just stuck the top on with double-sided boob tape, it’d be daring and fabulous!

  22. buttercup

    I’ve seen photos where this looked better, I think they were all at a distance.

    I didn’t notice that cracktacular neckline until now. It looks like one of her kids made it out of those beads that are shaped kinda like jacks that nest together? Does anyone else remember those? Bueller?

    It’s daring, but it just doesn’t pull off quite right. Her hair is fun though.

  23. Diana

    Her face looks totally different to me. Has she had something done? Am I crazy?

  24. rb

    This dress is Impossible. Love side boob.

  25. lindsay

    ugh… just continue the gold all the way around the back and do a sultry take on leslie mann’s killer yellow emmy’s dress.

    why don’t people ask for my opinion about these things? jeesh!

  26. fritanga

    Oh jeez. If you’re going to wear the world’s fanciest bib, then nut up and ditch the illusion hose or whatever the hell it is. Don’t pretend to have side-boob – SHOW the side-boob or get another dress.


  27. Sajorina

    The dress looked very good on the broadcast, but it doesn’t photograph well! She looks pretty, but I don’t like the hairdo! I love the necklace & the clutch! And I mean, LOVE!

  28. Kara K

    I saw a picture of this somewhere earlier and I misidentified her as Kate Winslet(-Rocknroll). Like, the hair and the dress are something that she might do except the top part of her outfit would fit/look better.

    Naomi, you’re great buuuuuuut no.

  29. ChaChaHeels

    What, is that a Stella McCartney?

  30. Madam X

    What annoys me more than “Happy Feet” Golden bib is her hair. All that effort to put into working out, picking an outfit, makeup and then to end up w hair that looks undone for the sake of looking “undone”. Naomi. Your hairbrush called….

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