People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Lea Michele


I don’t know what it is about Lea Michele lately: Either she has toned down her insane red carpet mugging, or I have just grown to enjoy it. Heather’s theory is that the calming influence of Cory Monteith has just made the right smidge of a difference. Regardless, I found her shenanigans last night kind of charming, even if I am on the fence about her dress.

Where on the fence are you?

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  1. pidget

    The material looks cheap and tacky, reminds me of gum, and also looks like a skating costume. However, she looks great in the sitting photo. Confused!

  2. Sarah

    Those shoes are awful though.

  3. Mouse

    It really hits home for me just how wee these starlets are when I see them in the sitting pictures. I mean, that’s a regular theatre seat, right? And she looks like she’s taking up about as much of it as my 10 year old nephew would. GAH! They’re so tiny you can still see 2/3rds of the seat!

    And her outfit is cute.

    • Other Emily

      I know. They’re all so teeny tiny. Not just thin, but TINY. I don’t mean this as body-shaming in the least – she’s obviously super fit and not in an anorexic way at all. But I’m a healthy 5’9″ and 145 lbs. I could sit on this girl and not even notice, she’s so small.

      Love the color of the dress. Don’t love the matchy shoes, but that’s a minor quibble. I like the outfit.

  4. Gine

    She usually annoys me, but that color is so great on her that I think I’m charmed in spite of myself.

  5. Claire1

    Her happy face makes me happy.
    I’m not a fan….but I’m a fan of her attitude in all of these shots.

  6. Fawn

    The dress is really cute, but the hair! I just can’t with the hair.

    • Brenna

      Agreed! Her hair actually looks like it would be painful for your scalp. And it’s just looks, ironically for a structured updo, messy.

    • Kelly O

      I am totally with you on the hair thing. I like the dress (don’t hate me, she can get away with it) but the hair just.. from the front it’s not so bad, but since I’ve seen the back I can’t un-see it and that’s all I see. See?

  7. Mongerel

    She is selling that dress with the new radiance and poise (instead of ducklips and vamping). Prediction: We’ll be seeing more and more and more and more and more and more and more of this “vestal virgin” hairstyle.

    • Aphy

      Oh please don’t say that! I really dislike her hair. As someone else said, it just looks painful.

  8. Cat

    Her mugging for the camera really started to annoy me, but I think she looks adorable her. I’m not in love with the dress, but the color saves and it and she looks cheerful and happy, not like she’s trying so hard to be the center of attention.

  9. Evalyn

    Again with the “let’s braid our hair” slumber party hair. WTH? Seventh grade was along time ago for all of us.

  10. Helen

    On a teenager and in summer, I would think this outfit was cute. Neither condition applies here.

    The hair’s terrible and so’s the mugging.

  11. Dee

    I love the colour. The sparkliness is usually not my thing but I think it’s actually right for this kind of event.

  12. ChristieLea

    LOVE THE DRESS. It’s adorable! The shoe colour is too matchy-matchy, though. I would have gone with purple or yellow shoes to really make the colours pop.

    The hair, however, is what Katniss Everdeen might do to herself after a morphling bender.

  13. Sarah

    Cute dress, event appropriate. Like that she tried a fun hairstyle. Don’t like how it turned out. Oh well, we’ve all been there.

  14. Deanna

    Man she’s got good legs.

  15. Kathy

    Is she about to get a weave? Cuz, that’s what my hair looks like right before they start to sew in the hair.

  16. anonymoose

    This is toned down?

  17. Stefanie

    I wish the dress had been all of either fabric and not two toned. Her hair sucks.

  18. Alma

    I like all of this, even the hair! Yeah, I said it.

  19. Dionne

    The hair is bad. I don’t like the hair. But I think the dress is super-cute, and event-appropriate, and I’m totally in love with the shoes. And how smiley she is.

  20. Sandra

    When did they start making pinky sparkly gynecology office robes? It’s a damn good thing she’s got that muscle control in her thighs or we’d all be playing doctor. Yuck!

  21. anonymoose

    She looks like the 4 year old whose parents clapped for her whenever she twirled or curtsied or made poopies, and who perpetually told her she was cute.

    Her mug makes the wonderfully goofy Phyllis Diller look demure and sophisticated.

  22. Lion

    She is a beautiful lady with fit bod, but this dress needs someone more bony, like Kristen Stewart or Diane Kruger.

  23. maryse

    i think she looks really cute and fun. i’m not crazy about the hair. those are some crazy braids back there. and i do wish the dress were a smidge longer. it’s current length requires one to be too aware of the possibility of showing her lady parts.

    • Liane

      I happened to land on the show in my channel flipping just in time to see her win her award. She did indeed show her lady parts when she stood up from her seat. Thankfully, she was wearing panties. They were beige. I still didn’t need to see them though.

  24. Ash

    It actually makes me smile looking at her smile in these pics. The dress is really cute. The hair only looks good from the front tho.

  25. Fumi

    I like the color of the dress, but it is not long enough. While some people see “young and fun” I see tacky.The original dress presented in the lookbook hits mid-calf which probably wouldn’t work for Lea because she is so short, but a knee-length or just above would have worked much better. ITA about the hair though… it’s awful.

    • Emma

      I agree. I think it’s too youthful for her, and too short. The hair is weird, and I wish she wouldn’t apply her foundation with a trowel. I find it hard to believe her skin is so bad that she needs to cover it that completely.

  26. I Pick Pretty

    This shouldn’t work – once a sequined (vajazzled?) landing strip is seen, it cannot be unseen – yet it does. That color couldn’t be better on her and, as the boys over at T-Lo have noted, she looks so much better when she’s aiming for quirky cute versus Ducklips McSexyface.

  27. Sylvia

    I love the color and like the length. I think the material is…meh. The nude stripes aren’t working for me. Someone upthread said it is a skater costume. I’d second that. But a smile makes a lot of things work. And really, it’s SO much better than her mugging.

    Is this hairstyle going to be a thing? I hope not.

  28. Lovin' every minute

    Heidi hair and yucky bridesmaid/grade twelve grad shoes had me voting no on this one. But I do think she looks great and I like the colour. A picture of Corey would have gone a long way to making me happy too- just sayin’!

  29. Bubba

    Cute dress, could be a little longer. No on the shoes, hair and the mugging for the camera.

  30. Alicia

    I initially hated it, but then after looking through the pictures, and her cute mugging for the camera, it grew on me and I started to like it. I just wish it didn’t have the landing strip.

  31. Esme

    Hate the two colors of pink, and to me the dress looks cheap. I hope someone tells her not to wear her hair like that ever again. I mean ever.

  32. Celeste

    I still find her insufferable.

  33. Hannah

    I did not like this dress in the first shot from afar, but in the close ups you can see the detail and it is SO CUTE! If it were, like, 6 inches longer and 5 sizes bigger, I would totally wear it (at 6’1″ I need everything to be about 6 inches longer…)

  34. jeanette

    I hate that color! As for the dress and her demeanor -Too much dazzle, shine and overacting. Ugh.

  35. Cham

    I feel like this could be really cute but the styling is off, as I often find with her. (Surprise surprise – she has the same stylist as Jessica Biel, who also generally misses the mark). Different hairstyle, non-bridesmaid matchy shoes, and I’d be sold, even if the dress is not my favorite.

  36. Cham

    A cute clutch wouldn’t hurt either

  37. Dutchie

    Wait, whhaaat?!? how is everybody so into this? I agree that she’s selling the bejeezus out of it, but it looks at best like she’s got a mean a rash and at worst like a she’s being devoured by a hideous skin disease! plus the matchy matchy shoes! and how is no one objecting to the nippleage?!? you can’t see it terribly well in these shots, but in some others the you can see that the lace is placed in a pornily Rihanna-esque way, and it is making her look awfully nipply, and altogether like her torso is making an embarrased sad-face.

  38. nikole

    i don’t get why she cut it so short, yes she’s young and has great legs but it was fine as a knee length

  39. Sarah

    I feel like people wouldn’t hate her so much if she was always like this. She seemed so fresh and charming when Glee started, but then she put on a sour face and waaaay oversexed her styling. She should stick with bubbly and cute. It suits her.

  40. Sajorina


  41. Mjx

    Man, everything about these pictures suggests that suddenly, out of the blue, she realized there is much less dress here than she thought, and is hoping no one else notices. She looks great, anyway. Vaguely embarrassed/awkward, but great.

  42. Kat

    Say what you will, but this dress give me sheer joy. I want it so I can just wear it all over my house (because let’s be real, where am I going to wear that?) and be happy. And probably sing some songs.

  43. Mynewyorkbag

    Wow!! She looks pretty well. I love the pink color & this outfit. Really nice combination.