Fugs and Fabs: The Mad Men Season Seven Premiere Party

In which Christina Hendricks wears a Wes Gordon skirt we all saw on Kim Kardashian recently, and I suggest to January Jones and Elisabeth Moss that Kiernan Shipka is skipping swingy little ninth-grader rings around them.

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WTFug: Lily Allen

I feel like I just stumbled back in time and into someone’s misguided LSD-fueled seance:

I mean, if you told me she was two seconds away from twirling and then singing “I Got You, Babe,” to a tree, I’d believe you.

And if you’re wondering whether this is as naked if she’s not lifting her arms:

warning: it is


Recent Fugs and Fabs of Rihanna

We missed a LOT of Paris Fashion Week madness while we were in Oscars hell; it’s time to rectify that with an omnibus of her omnipresent omnibody.

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Fug of Wall Street: Margot Robbie in Paper London

It’s a jumpsuit parade today, which is one of the saddest kinds of parades there is.

If you have seen Wolf of Wall Street, you know every inch of Margot Robbie’s figure; if you haven’t, you can still probably imagine the truth, which is that her body is basically perfect. So the sins of this jumpsuit are egregious and varied. It’s mangling her chest, dropping her crotch, swelling her groin, and eating her feet. It’s the sartorial equivalent of handing a lovely classic painting to Shia LaBeouf and asking him to write poetry all over it: nothing but trouble.

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How I Met Your Fug: Greta Gerwig in Stella McCartney

I’m not sure the wrap at the waist was ever going to be incredibly flattering.

But the jumpsuit portion of the evening isn’t helping matters. The fabric itself is pretty, like wintry confetti or something — I alternately see snowflakes, and Brachs peppermints — but I keep wishing it ended in a skirt, because this whole thing is making a balloon out of her lower half, and sadly not the kind we can deflate with a pinprick (and now that I know it’s Stella, I’m not surprised; it DID kind of remind me of a nicer version of K.Stew’s labia pants). I wish it were a skirt of some ilk. I wish I could liberate her shoes from this bad dream. And I wish her makeup game weren’t so problematic. I wish for so many things, all of which would require a Life TiVo to rewind live action and redo things; sadly no one has invented that yet.

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Well Played, Jennifer Connelly in Louis Vuitton


I never fail to be amused by how many of the photos from the Noah press tour end up yelling “NO” at the camera:

While I agreed yesterday, about Jennifer’s McQueen topiary, here I am going to argue with the backdrop. While I recognize the potential argument that her top looks a bit Disco Derby Queen, and the belt probably didn’t also need to be patent — look, far be it from me to say that not everything needs to be shiny, but honestly not everything needs to be shiny — I also think she looks good in this, in a kind of Vaguely Inspired by American Hustle  kind of way, just with considerably less cleavage. Sometimes, that’s enough.

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