Mostly Well Played: The Bond Ladies


Let’s start on the right, and collectively bewail YET AGAIN that clearly Dior has good stuff to offer and certain people AHEM J.LAW just seem to be immune to their charms:

Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux, Naomie Harris, Spectre

Naomie Harris looks so good in that striking patterned mini — and with interesting shoes, no less — and I’m thrilled she got to it before anyone else did, because she deserves to make a splash. For me she wins this photocall, also, though I don’t mind Lea’s Miu Miu suit and am only choking a little on the platform sandals poking out from under the pants. The suit might be a touch stuffy — or perhaps that’s the styling — but the fabric is great, and the jacket is not making us all stare at the seams and wonder if her nipples are stabbing their way through. With Miuccia lately, sometimes that’s all for which you can ask.

And then Monica. Monica, Monica, Monica. I LOVE an age-appropriate Bond Woman, so I’m happy she’s there. The blouse feels a bit 9 to 5 to me, and I’ve never been a big proponent of that cut of pant. And she might have hijacked Alexa Chung’s hair, which is a touch shaggy on her. It should be an unequivocal miss and yet she’s kind of selling it. I am not going to run out and replicate it, but three cheers to her for lighting my cranky pants on fire as much as expected. EDITED TO ADD: I went into this post to fix a photo error and the pants and blouse are bumming me out again. So I guess… my feelings are volatile.

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Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 4, episode 5

Starring Bev and her Sad Microwave, and featuring Maddie losing both her stadium concert virginity and possibly her actual one.


Well Played, Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore


I am not sure who is styling Toni and Drew — if they’re using the same person for all of the Miss You Already press, or each using their own person, or just calling their friends and asking them what they ought to wear, or what — but that stylist or stylists or friends all deserve a round of applause:


Both of these women look great, and very different, and very very much themselves. For example, mentally swap those dresses. Neither of them would look nearly as good in the other woman’s dress, but they look fab in their own. Which is, after all, kind of the point.

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Royally Played, Wills, Kate (in Tabitha Webb), and Harry

a) I LOVE this outfit on Kate. You guys know my feelings on patterns.

b) The three of them are also attending the Spectre premiere tonight, so stay tuned for more shenanigans. I love it when the palace sends the three of them out together. I vote for Trio Shenanigans At All Times, please.

c) This particular event — which was a big to-do with loads of kids, and patients from the Royal Marsden hospital, was hosted by Charities Forum (which is the collection of all the charities that these three are patrons of, or work with) and BAFTA –  also produced a variety of entertainment for us, such as when they all did something called “welly wanging,” wherein one wangs a welly at something to try and knock it over, which I decided someone obviously originally made up as a prank. Wills nailed it:

Harry, to his very amusing dismay, did not:

In addition to wanging a welly, Kate also got to do some greenscreen acting with a child:


Recent Fugs or Fabs: Jessica Biel in Balmain and Valentino

I guess she really is back! We saw Biel out on the town with Timberlake last week, and then she made it to two events over the weekend. I admit, I kind of forgot how extremely good-looking she is, facially speaking. She’s like….did you ever read that article about how facial symmetry makes our brains believe other people are attractive? (The example of a facially symmetric hot person was Halle Berry, which is highly accurate.) Every time I look at Biel, I think something along the lines of, “She is really good-looking. Her face is so EVEN.”

That said, this outfit is moderately cray:

2015 GLSEN Respect Awards

That is A LOT of ruffles. Ruffled sleeves, ruffled shoulders, a ruffled skirt. Honey, you should have just brought a bag of Ruffles and made a night of it.

Her look the next evening was, I think — FEEL FREE TO DISAGREE — more successful, although it’s also quite ruffly:

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Fug or Fab: Gwyneth Paltrow in Cushnie et Ochs


This is one of those outfits where I hated it, then I kind of liked it, then I looked closer and hated it again, then I kind of grew to appreciate it, then I had a breakfast sandwich and thought about the world for a bit. Let’s talk this thing through.

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Fug the Show: How To Get Away With Murder recaps, season 2, episodes 4 and 5

Asher didn’t make any faces, really, in episode four. But then he came back strong in episode 5. Also, please enjoy a screenshot of one of my favorite continuity gaffes in a long time.