Fug or Fab: Naomi Watts in Jason Wu


Well, “head” and “toe” are fine. It’s getting between them that has me straddling the fence.

Naomi Watts, "St. Vincent" premiere

Naomi has done a lot of good things to keep from being washed out, and I WANT to appreciate them; unfortunately I’m too distracted by the pattern. She’s almost pulling it off, but it’s just such a jerky-jerky mishmash in places that it feels like a patchwork ode to interior design elements of the 1980s (seriously, turn her top upside down, and I think I saw a frosted-glass sconce that was its twin).

let’s peek closer


Fug the Show: “How To Get Away With Murder” recap, season 1, episode 2, “It’s All Her Fault”

Well, this show took a nosedive in quality. I thought this hour was a hot mess. While I can’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of the legal world, or the courtroom, I have watched a lot of The Good Wife, so I plan to object HEARTILY to several aspects of this hour. I encourage you to do the same in the comments.

Previously on How I Met Your Murder, the Pretty Little Lawyers burned Tom Verica’s corpse to try and destroy any traces of (their?) DNA, while Viola Davis farmed out an absurd amount of legal brainstorming to a bunch of students. She’s very good on this show but her presence also feels like someone brought a strongman to a toothpick-lifting contest. She is throwing all her skills at this and almost everyone else is like, “Eh, Thumb and Pointer will suffice.”

Let’s begin with my first OBJECTION: this wig.


Remind yourself that Viola’s hair looked chic in the pilot. Then behold how plonked it looks in this hour. Someone should put out a helpful leaflet for them called How To Get A Wig With Murder.

My notes here read, “WIG!!! Kitchen porn.” So let’s get to the second part.

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Well Played, Lily Collins (with an assist from Sam Claflin)


Remember how she spent all of the Mortal Instruments tour in a crop top? She’s done whatever the clothing version of taking that frown and turning it upside down.

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


Fug or Fab: Greta Gerwig


I both love this and think it would make an AMAZING backsplash in the country kitchen I don’t own:

'Eden' film premiere at the New York Film Festival in NYC

And because I can’t make any legitimate judgment on something if I can’t stop imagining a stainless steel faucet coming out of it, I turn to you:

Do your thing:

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Well Played, Kristen Stewart in J Mendel


I will start out with this, as a gift to those who complain that I often choose pictures in which she looks cranky — she posed for photos with fans outside, and appears to have been very friendly to them, which is always nice to see — and also (mostly) so we can admire her eye makeup, and eyeball the detailing on her dress:

Kristen Stewart gets leggy for "Camp X-Ray"

That is some well done eyeliner, is what I’m saying.

As far as her dress goes, it’s RIGHT in her wheelhouse — or at least her wheelhouse when someone hasn’t forced her into crazy pants:

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GFY Giveaway: Beyonce: Running the World


Did you know that Beyonce has a sort of horsefly named after her? I did not either, until this book came along:


THAT is some definitive factoid-slinging, there, and also something that’s possibly going to help you on Jeopardy one day. ( I hope there’s something named after Sasha Fierce, too. Sasha Fierce should not be overlooked. Surely, at least, there are several cats named Sasha Fierce alive in the world today.) We’re always happy to bring you a giveaway from across the pond, and today this is IT.

THE PRIZE: From Amazon UK (as I just noted, this is a British book, dear American readers, which means we can’t just wander into B&N and find it on the shelves, although I am sure you can order it and your local bookseller can help. And you CAN win it):

As a painfully shy six-year-old singing in her parents’ kitchen back in the late eighties, it was impossible to imagine the meteoric rise that Beyoncé Knowles would go on to achieve. Fast forward 25 years and not only has she sold 75 million albums, making her one of the most successful recording artists of all time, but she is also an actress, fashion icon, producer and doting mother. Beyoncé: Running The World is the full story of Houston born-and-bred Beyoncé’s extraordinary life, which saw her join her first pop group at the age of nine before fronting the girl band Destiny’s Child – the biggest-selling female group of all time. After embarking on a solo career in 2003, Beyoncé’s status as a superstar was sealed and to date she has won more than 220 awards internationally and the hearts of millions of fans the world over. As the world’s biggest star, Beyoncé continues to scale new heights and her latest album, Beyoncé, broke all records after hitting No.1 in more than 100 countries. Echoing the sentiment of her 2011 hit single, she really is running the music world right now.

The most definitive and up-to-date telling of Beyoncé’s story ever written, this book provides an intimate close-up on both her professional and personal life, with the inside story on how she and rapper husband Jay-Z became the biggest power couple on earth. With reports that their marriage was crumbling before the world’s eyes on their 2014 joint tour, On The Run, it pieces together the split rumours that plagued them at every turn and documents exactly how they coped with such intense public scrutiny. The book also analyses Beyoncé’s role as a mother to young daughter Blue Ivy and explores the hidden heartbreaks of her past, including a tragic miscarriage, a lengthy battle with depression and an agonising rift with her manager father Mathew. While celebrating Beyoncé’s greatest triumphs Beyoncé: Running The World uncovers the truth behind the headlines, finding out exactly who ‘Queen Bey’ is and what really goes on behind the scenes…

THE TASK: I shall be picking the winner at random, but please tell us which Beyoncé song you would choose to perform if you were in a karaoke contest...for your life. We have FIVE copies to give away!

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday. FYI, if this is the first time you’ve commented here, (a) I’m very glad you’re here and (b) the system will automatically kick you into comment moderation, but don’t worry, I will rescue you. The contest is open to everyone!