Fug or Fab the Ad: Kit Harington for Jimmy Choo

Let us not pretend we are above ogling Mr. Jon Snow here.  (GQ has other shots, by the way, including one of Harington Looking Hot in Sunglasses.) I suppose I am not the target market for Expensive Men’s Kicks, but I’m not really paying attention to the shoes:

Kit-Harington-Jimmy-Choo-Ads (1)

I mean, obviously I’m distracted by that enormous and bizarre lamp and wondering why Kit Harington is hanging out in a hotel lobby in 2oo5 and how can I get back in time to talk to him about….stuff. (I’m sorry, Jimmy Choo. I just don’t know why no one said, “that insane light fixture is really drawing focus, you guys.” And to the one person who DID say that and got overruled, who is reading this now: I HAVE YOUR BACK, FRIEND.)

The cologne ad is more straight-forward:

Kit-Harington-Jimmy-Choo-Ads (2)


[Photos: Jimmy Choo]


Fug or Fab: Li Bingbing in Elie Saab


I think I’m partially amused by this photo because she seems to be telling people to Talk to the Hand — a phrase that will, in fifty years, be as bizarre to the Youth of the World as, like, “twenty-three skiddo!” is now. I plan to bring it back in my old age, though. Indeed, I plan to embarrass children across the world by shooting people the Clueless “WHAT.EVER” hand signal at all times as soon as I enter my dotage.

Speaking of WHATEVER:

This is one of those looks that I suspect we should all file under Looks Amazing In Person.

What do you think?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs: Best Of Britain’s Creative Industries Event

This might be my favorite photo of Helena Bonham Carter ever — including the time she wore two different color shoes.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played: Kate Middleton in GOAT


I am totally taking the fact that she wore the brand Goat as a shout-out to Harry’s goat. She’s totally #TeamGoat. That albino pygmy hedgehog is just an upstart!

[Photos: Splash, AKM/GSI, Pacific Coast News]


Happy 10th Anniversary, Fug Nation

Greetings, dear Fug Nation!

Today is a milestone: today, we are 10 years old. Last year around this time, Heather and I had a long conversation about how we were going to mark this momentous occasion with something big. But the first draft of The Royal We was due to our editor today and instead I guess we ended up celebrating by making our deadline.  Which is big. We’d never have gotten to write this, or any of our books, were it not for Go Fug Yourself and — far, far more importantly — were it not for you, our readers. Over half a million comments later, over fifteen thousand posts written, we are so grateful that you are still hanging out with us here every day. There is no better community of readers than Fug Nation. To quote the greatest love story of our time: thank you for being a friend.

Because I am somewhat out of words today, I have chosen to express to you all the feels I feel about our 10th birthday via the artful gif:

George is right. Time to get back to work. See you in the comments.


Fugs and Fabs: Glastonbury Festival

I feel like the weekend of the Glastonbury Festival must be the very favorite time of year for everyone who works in PR for Hunter. EVERYONE is wearing their wellies and tromping about and my reaction is always, no matter what the person in question is wearing, “well, at least those Hunter boots are a classic.” (Hello. I live in Los Angeles. I own three pairs of rain boots. I have a sickness.) It’s possibly also Hooters’s new favorite time of year, as Cressida Bonas is wearing one of their tee shirts. Yes, Hooters Hot Wings. Hooters + Hunter equals…well, I’m not entirely sure I want to know.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]