I confess: I had no idea when Dune 2: Dune Returns! was meant to premiere until literally the middle of this sentence, when I Googled it between typing the words “premiere” and “until.” The answer is…more confusing than I expected. The official website says, “The film is slated for a March 1, 2024 release in theaters and IMAX nationwide and internationally beginning on 28 February 2024, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.” (I would have put a comma there between “nationwide and “and” but was not consulted.) But my local has tickets for a 3pm show on the 29th? Did someone forget it was a leap year and decide to get funky to fix it? Who can say! Am I gonna be extremely perplexed by this movie because I never got around to the first one? I assume! Did anyone remember Josh Brolin was in this? Not me, but good for him! Also, what did Florence Pugh and Zendaya wear to these screenings? That one, I definitely know the answer to.

[Photos: Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images, Carlos Tischler/ Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images, Angel Delgado/Getty Images]