Oscars Well Played: Leslie Mann and Julie Bowen

I wish I could print out this series of photos and make it into a flip book. Note: Leslie Mann’s dress is particularly terrific.

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  1. Jill

    I love the random guy walking behind her too. Is he somebody?

    For some reason, the orange dress and shoes matchy matchy aren’t bothering me. It’s an interesting shade of orange/tangerine.

    • megs283

      I’m pretty sure random dude is Leslie Mann’s husband, Judd Apatow.

      • Ruby

        IF ONLY she had worn the shoes in a bright blue, and done her hair, this would be a MEGA win for me.

    • sophie

      thats judd apatow.

      julie bowens shoes are REALLY high, right? they look insanely high.

  2. Kit

    I actually don`t mind the matchy matchy – I think because they`re clearly NOT bridesmaid`s shoes!

  3. LoriK

    I could almost forgive Julie Bowen’s matchy matchy shoes, but I can’t get past the fact that the front of her dress looks like half of it is stuck in her panties and she’s stepping on the other half .

    • Michelle

      This. I think the asymmetry looks odd here, and I’m not loving that weird banding going on around the middle. It looks like one of those cheap-y rubber banded dresses you’d throw on over a swimsuit or something (not the whole dress, particularly, just that bit). Also her posture isn’t doing her any favours.

      But Leslie Mann. LOVE. There’s a sleeper hit if I’ve ever seen one.

      • Kara

        Yeah, the material looks cheap, and the elastic waist looks really cheap. I seldom like what Julie Bowen wears on the red carpet, and this is no exception (aside from the color). Leslie Mann looks great, though.

    • Kris M

      Yup, I would call this the Kate Gosselin of dresses. Blunt, asymmetrical cut. (To her credit, she has a new hairdo. But I can’t forget those old bangs).

  4. Bookworm

    Love the color, hate the “dress caught in my underwear” look. Leslie Mann looks great.

  5. TaraMisu

    Sorry, big NO. Ugh. Julie’s dress is awful…. and the shoes … ok, maybe I love the shoes but with a different dress. The asymmetrical cut is so over and the top part looks like a wine bag.

  6. Noodle

    The colour of Julie’s dress is awesome, and I don’t mind the matchy shoes, but I cannot get past the side-mullet of the “hem”. Whyyyy is that happening? (On purpose, I know. But whyyyy?)

    Leslie Mann looks great!

  7. Sajorina

    I want to make a collage with those pictures and title it “Hollywood Photobombing”! They are hilarious and I cherish them! I love that bright burnt orange on Julie, but it is a mullet toga dress and I don’t like that! Her shoes are MAJOR! I love Leslie’s whole ensemble… The dress is GORGEOUS and definitely one of my favorites of the night! Plus, the hair, makeup, jewelry and attitude are AWESOME! FAB!!!

  8. Cranky Old Batt

    The matchy matchy doesn’t bother me, either. The little toy trucks on her feet, do. These shoes remind me way too much of drag queen stilts.
    She gets major points for looking damned good in this color, however.

    And I love the midnight blue number. I just love that color.

  9. luxsword

    The blue dress is really nice. It’s sort of a happy relief to see it after 5 pics of that orange stuff.

  10. Charlotte

    The fact that the shoes look cheap and ‘cheap’ bothers me most.

    Leslie manages to look adorable, likeable AND sexy. Faboosh.

  11. vandalfan

    Nix on the orange, from the plain, bunchy bodice to the skirt caught in panties effect to the suede hoof monstrosities. And nix to the formal ponytail while we’re nixing. The rest is OK.

    But you know, they seem to be having so much fun I’ll forgive them both.

  12. Lauren

    Good night hunchback!! Stand up straight woman!!

  13. Pen

    The orange dress—fabulous colour but it suggests malfunctioning cinema curtains. I don’t think that can be a good thing.

  14. Sara

    Fug Gurlz – I love you but sometimes I think that you get so caught up in the drama and look at so many dresses that your eyes aren’t seeing straight anymore. Because that orange dress looks cheap, like something that was made on project runway in the 11th hour because Tim Gunn told him/her the first look was terrible. Ick ick!

    • Sandra

      They didn’t say Julie’s dress looked good; Leslie’s shimmery blue is legit fab.

  15. Kerina Pharr

    if this were a flip book, the storyline would be about the joys/possible consequences of lots of vinyasa yoga.

  16. Melly

    These dresses are nice but I wish the two women had an ounce of excess body fat between them. So skinny, both of them.

  17. Caroleena Stantonova

    Leslie Mann looks tooky fabu!

  18. Kate Exo

    Can someone get Julie Bowen a sandwich? I managed to look past the orange, the up-tucked skirt, and the disappointing shoes, but her sternum is really bothering me.

  19. yeahandalso

    Leslie Mann looks great, I’ve always wondered (since Big Daddy came out) why she isn’t a bigger thing. I think she is so much prettier and funnier and more likable than say Kate Hudson or Jennifer Lopez or *shudders* Heigle.

  20. Laura Behary

    Random guy? That’s Judd Apatow: aka Mr. Leslie Mann!

  21. Nemesister

    She’s not a bigger thing because she’s shrill & brittle.

  22. Mahastee

    Leslie Mann was one of the best of the night, that dress is so gorgeous.

    I like Julie’s shoes, I think the matchy is okay because the texture differs from the dress so much. The dress itself? Look. It would be fine for sipping cocktails at the beach house while watching the sun go down, but otherwise? No.

  23. Shiitake

    Leslie Mann looks stunning in the midnight blue. Julie not so stunning, but good color.

  24. NYCGirl

    I don’t like the “I tied a sweatshirt around my waist” part of Leslie Mann’s dress.

  25. Lily1214

    What is the man on the right in the photo trying to do? Dance with her?