If we ever happen to run across someone who is especially cool, we like to tell you. Kate Mara, who we talked to at Fashion Week, is one such person. Like, so cool and chatty that we almost forgot that we don’t actually know her for real. So big ups to the lady — and I can’t believe we forgot to tell her how freaking good she was on American Horror Story, or ask her things about Jessica Lange, but whatever. Since she is obviously our new bestie and will be coming over for One Tree Hill night and the like, I will just ask her then.


The dress is a germ of something pretty, but I remember her talking about how it’s tough to find something that fits perfectly, and I think that slammed her a little here — the top seems too low, and the gossamer wing on the right side looks like she got caught in a doorframe and ripped it, and that by the end of the night, this will have slowly peeled off her like a fancy-dress Weezer song. Is it fixable for you, with just a yank here and a snip there? Or am I mising another problem with it?

However, I do love that her red carpet face also has a touch of her Bitch I’m’a Steal Your Baby face from AHS. Maybe they should have her ghost start haunting Lisbeth Salander so that the Ladies Mara can have a fierce-off.

[Photo: Getty]