Well, at least she’s going someplace interesting, as opposed to someplace adjacent to Migraine City (which isn’t on Google Maps — you can get there by banging the heel of your hand against your face a hundred times and then giving up and face-planting onto your keyboard).

The detail is a tiny bit like Personal Grooming Gone Awry, but I have to say, the whole effect is funky, like she’s standing next to Jessica Rabbit and catching her shadow. Also, I love that she wore gunmetal. However: Do we really think this needed the hip napkin? There’s plenty going on here without it. Like when a really hot man grows a mustache. Let’s say Pacey, or Jon Hamm, or Ian Somerholder, or WHOEVER, grew a full Magnum P.I. Would that really be HELPING, or is it just getting in the way of our ogling?

Is the kid all right?

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