Oscar Weekend Fugs or Fabs: Zoe Saldana

You might wonder why Zoe Saldana’s head appears to be the decorative kicker on top of a gift bag, or why she’s sporting a scarlet ruff — as if she’s a man-impersonating Elizabethan strumpet who really wants to ride in the king’s hunting crew and then ends up somehow riding the king. These are good questions. The only answer we may end up with is, “Because her dress is made out of Heather Chandler’s scrunchie.”

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  1. Erin

    Fug. So fug. However, on the velveteen toga poll, I desperately wanted an option for “but the SHOES!!!” I was somewhat vindicated on the last slide.

  2. Steen

    Honestly, I think it ages her 10 years. Never a good thing.

  3. Siobhan

    I have the red Prabal Gurung in my WANT folder, but it looks kinda off on her. The runway version ended just below the knee. Much more flattering.

  4. Jasmine

    Oh man, that first picture of her. She is so so pretty. And we have the exact same skin color, I really wish I knew all of the makeup that she was wearing so I could go buy it immediately and pretend it would make me look like her. I think she’s totally pulling off this dress, and few people could. If it didn’t have the neck ruff, there would be no question.

  5. vandalfan

    If there was just a little less sheer red neck-ruffle fabric, and no shoulder tumors, possibly, but I’d still wnat to know if the black leather belt is supposed to be there or was her afterthought. Velvet toga, nice. Leopard mini edged in eyelet lace? Not on your life.

  6. Fuh Ugh

    It looks like a Valentine heart run amok. Maybe on Feb. 14th, but by the end of Feb, we’re so over pink and red tulle.

  7. mel

    The black belt and the peachy/pink tassel on her handbag don’t work for me with the dress and the shoes. I also might like the dress better if it didn’t have the puffy cap sleeves.

  8. Anna Maria Cárcamo

    the red dress is the worst!

  9. Shnaggi

    ZOEJO-by definition: strictly No cleavage and look at my legs. I love her attitude and choices…would I tweak the red neck, plush toga and doily skirt yes but I agree she still Owns it admirably.

  10. Krusticle

    Remember in “True Lies” when Jamie Curtis rips off her black neck ruff, leaving the sexy little black dress to contain her rack? Zoe should have taken that tip.

  11. Kelly Jeanne

    She needs a sandwich, with a side of pie. Plus some more pie.

  12. Rayna

    I love her, and before this, would have said girl could wear a brown paper bag and still look fab.

    Come to think of it, a brown paper bag would have been better than most of this.

    Velvet toga is cute, though. And not many could wear it as well.

  13. vjld

    Sorry, you’re wrong on this. Zoe looks stuh-ning in all these looks – she wears the clothes, not vice versa. She really wears high fashion well, particularly since she’s petite.

  14. S

    Takes risks. Chooses refreshing colours and shapes and designs. Works tremendously well. Well played in my boks!

  15. Dorothee

    I actually like the collar. I think it works for her. But I don’t like the rest of it…it looks like it got caught in some sort of Valentine’s Day Shredder.

    She always looks great, but I don’t have to like the outfit…and that one ends up with two thumbs down for me. Somehow she really makes the last one work well though.

  16. NYCGirl

    Her face looks different to me. Anyway:

    1) Little Red Ruff-ing Hood?
    2) I think I’d love this if not for the sash.
    3) I don’t like animal print at all, so I’m pretty stunned that I think the skirt of the dress is cute. The top looks pretty silly, though.

  17. Darth Val

    The neckline is actually what bothers me least about this dress. I have no problem with it til you get below the bust and the hot pink accents and weird fabric lengths take it from classy to Project Runway reject.

  18. rigmarole

    Except for the color of the toga dress, I love it all. She’s amazing. (Can you tell how unbiased I am?)

  19. Kate

    For the red and pink: almost. I like the neck ruff look on her (she’s got a long body, long legs, and a long neck, so she can pull it off), but I despise pink and red, especially with a black belt thrown in.

    Still, I could almost forgive it if it didn’t just feel so wrong for the event – it seems not very cocktail fancy, you know?

    The velvet toga… Maybe. I wouldn’t wear it, but I’m not mad at it.

    The last dress – YES! Only because her legs and her body are 8,000 miles long, and those SHOES! It works for me, though it wouldn’t work ON me = ) Though I could DEFINITELY make those shoes work on me.

    I love her = ) And whether people agree with her choices or not, she always looks different and in a way that makes you think, so I’m always very happy to see what she has on and generally like/love it on her. She was made to showcase interesting clothing though, so I’m glad to see her doing crazy things that are never Chloe Sevigny fug (the queen of “oh but it’s so DIFFERENT! So let’s pretend she’s a genius.” No.

  20. Whooflpink

    What happened to her face in that last shot?

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