You might wonder why Zoe Saldana’s head appears to be the decorative kicker on top of a gift bag, or why she’s sporting a scarlet ruff — as if she’s a man-impersonating Elizabethan strumpet who really wants to ride in the king’s hunting crew and then ends up somehow riding the king. These are good questions. The only answer we may end up with is, “Because her dress is made out of Heather Chandler’s scrunchie.”

And yet... is it maybe sort of working?

  • No! Get ahold of yourself! (36%, 1,722 Votes)
  • ... maybe ... (24%, 1,150 Votes)
  • ... God help me, but yes. (27%, 1,269 Votes)
  • Nobody needs to help me. I give it a 100 percent yes. (13%, 618 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,759

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