One Fug

There’s something comfortingly grandfatherly about Anne Hathaway’s sweater here. Unlike when Cate Blanchett went full afghan, this tiny taste of crochet is just sort of huggably comfortable, and makes me wish it were sweater weather instead of triple-digit temperatures.

However, once you get this far south, you realize the sweater is the least grandfatherly thing about it. The last time I saw someone wear those shoes outside, it was either a) accompanied by a whiff of pipe smoke, a hurled newspaper, and a crotchety bellow to get off the goddamn lawn; or b) on Mickey Rourke. But THEY might not even be the biggest concern EITHER, because ANKLES WHAT?

Are those built-in legwarmers? Aren’t actual PANTS leg-warming enough? With all that elastic on the cuffs it’s like she put her legs through somebody’s Varsity letter jacket. Which you just don’t do unless you want the entire senior class to write about it on the bathroom walls.


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  1. Lina

    Whoa. Did she forget her stylist’s birthday or something?

  2. Jenny

    Rachel Zoe needs to stop this girl from wearing sunglasses with the 2 inch nose-to-top span. They look horrible on her.

  3. LoriK

    The shoes are pretty grandpa too and I don’t mean that in a good way. I think my actual grandpa had house slippers like that the year before he passed.

    It looks like Anne has just totally given up. She desperately needs either a hit movie or a new man or both.

  4. Jules

    Call me crazy, but I actually like those shoes. Not with those pants or sweater, necessarily, but I could see wearing those on a fall or winter day where it’s kinda slushy out and I don’t want to wear heels.

  5. TonyG

    I actually like the shoes ::duck::

  6. TaraMisu

    That lady in the second pic is have a little chortle at the shoes :D

  7. CJ

    LOVE her hair here and I totally envy someone who can leave the house with so little in their hands.

    I’ll be blunt: I don’t like the pants. Not in any situation. The sweater is a maybe — but not with those pants and I really don’t get the pink t-shirt here. As for the shoes, I have horrible feet and am looking at the possibility of foot surgery soon, so I’ll give her a pass on the shoes. They are cute and look totally comfy, however with the lounge-esque quality of the other items, they scream slippers. Had she worn them with a full-on Audrey Hepburn casual outfit like a black skinny turtleneck and black pencil pants, I think they would have been more successful.

  8. Willow

    I love the jersey and shoes but those trousers just look ridiculous, why would you want to look like you tuck your pants in to your socks?

  9. Stefanie

    Im so jealous she is somewhere that she can wear a sweater and jeans without melting. Even if it is an ugly sweater and jeans.

    @Jules – I kinda like the shoes too!

  10. Annie E

    What? The shoes are awesome! So is the sweater. I don’t care for the pants at all, and I would not wear any of these three items together, but the sweater and shoes are a couple of great items.

  11. Squirrel!

    Ah, this outfit has a variety of associations for me.

    Sweater: Reminds me of the vest my step-grandmother crocheted for me in 1976. Since I had boy-short hair and prepubescent pudge at the time, it is not a fond memory. (I’m 44 and was “Lynnie” up until recently. I’ve long wondered what the average age of GFY readers is. Am I as old as vandalfan purports to be? teehee)

    Shoes: Remind me of a cuter, feminized version of Jeff Spicoli’s Vans! Like.

    Pants: Leg warmers are NOT a good association from the ’80s. Reminds me of another ’80s tidbit: Just say no.

  12. roser

    My only possible interpretation is that she’s depressed from all the bad reviews of “One Day.” That accent is a career killer, for sure. (They have coaches for that sort of thing, Annie. Remember, it’s called acting?)

  13. Alice

    I love those shoes – if you go to the full size picture, you can see that they’re studded.

  14. Neil

    Ahem. Ladies….those are not shoes. Kaufman Foamtreads, aka slippers. Got a pair every year for Christmas as a kid, believe me, those are slippers.

    The, uh, pants seem to have taken their inspiration from the head cover I put on the driver in my golf club bag.

  15. that girl

    Those pants should be burned immediately.

  16. Lupe

    I like the pants. And the shoes. Not the top.
    I know. I can recognize that’s terrible, and I’m dealing.

  17. Anne B

    Do Anne’s pants have trumpet legs? Really? TRUMPET LEGS? As in, the pant version of the trumpet sleeve? And if so, whhhyyyyyy?

    * Is she paying some obscure homage to her favorite member of the woodwind family?
    * Is she reminding us all that it was just six years ago today that Hurricane Katrina made its first landfall in the United States, and wishing (in some obscure way) for a role that will allow her to participate in the famed New Orleans Second Line?
    * Are her legs longing for the same security that sweaters have always afforded her arms?

    Uggghhh, Anne. *Sad Trumpet*.

  18. Alecto

    It would be nice to be able to pull that look off. I couldn’t in any count of years. Anne’s looking kind of pretty good!


  19. Angela Brown

    Okay, first the Kirsten Dunst grandma shoes, now these grandpa shoes – I’m amazed so many people like them. I’ll ask it again, is this some sort of trend? Octogenarian shoes? Really?

  20. AM

    I like the shoes and the sweater and would wear both. The pants I would like if they didn’t have the elastic thingy. But the shoes look like a classic style with a twist. Sensible shoes/slippers with a pattern!

  21. Anna

    Different color tee-shirt and different pants entirely and I would love the outfit.

  22. vandalfan

    Oh, shoot, I just adore the shoes! The rest of the outfit you can keep, every inch. Those are leg o’ mutton legs.

    And , you know, when we last chatted, the dinosaurs spoke fondly of Squirrel.

  23. Carol

    Those shoes … in addition to their previously blogged offenses … actually look too big on her … must have snagged them from the sale rack …

  24. Squirrel!

    @vandalfan: Am I to infer that we are similarly long in the tooth??

  25. Megan

    OK, well, it looks like she’s actually in Berkeley? In which case I can vouch for cold, foggy weather and all that. I am wearing a sweater and a jacket today…

  26. oldrose

    ok, I am really putting myself out here: I OWN those pants! Y-3 from Yoji Yamamoto. Yes, sort of built in leg warmers and I LOVE THEM!! mine are gray pinstripe. also love the shoes, look like classier TOM’s. Sooooo I think she looks great

  27. What's The New Black
  28. vandalfan

    I laughed at forty-four, about eight years and thirty pounds ago. (*sigh*) I remember Ed Sullivan, Dean Martin’s Golddiggers, and the invention of Tang.

  29. neiges

    I love the style, the pants, the shoes minus the pink thingy. And the fact that she gives away thinking too much such a relaxed look by having a matching blue wallet – THAT’s too much! Did she change everything she has in her usual wallet just for a stroll?? Credit cards, credit cards, ID, whatever goes on in there??? Too much time in one’s hand that’s what I say. Then again I am just jealous because I should be working rather than visiting the site…

  30. Mongerel

    Shoes: Count me in the LOVE column. It’s refreshing to see some cute flats after having platform hooves and toe-pastry pumps clomping around all the time.

  31. Squirrel!

    Vandalfan: Although I don’t remember experiencing any of the items you mentioned, we are both probably skewing the mean of readers’ ages.

  32. Sandra

    @AnneB, obscure homage it may be, but not in that section of the orchestra. Trumpets are brass instruments, not woodwind.

    The pants are still horrible, wherever one sits.

  33. STK

    This look, at least in my mind, would be titled “Golf Caddy on Break.” That is to say, I don’t like any of it.

  34. jessica

    I like how the security or whatever lady is totally laughing at her, I mean she has to be right? Would you laugh out loud if you saw someone wearing those pants with those shoes?

  35. Kaitlyn in Bookland

    I kind of like the shoes :)

  36. Lynnette

    I like all but the ankle sleeves.

  37. Allie

    WAIT. What’s the pocket situation with these pants? Because they look like they were turned inside out and are flapping freely by her side.

  38. ceecee

    It’s 100 degrees in the shade here. Where is she that she needs a long-sleeved shirt and a sweater and long pants with ankle warmers? Because I want to go there.

  39. Sandy

    The shoes are Christian Louboutin, yes? It’s not like she has grampa’s slips on, afterall. Please designers, don’t make us do these pants.

  40. jenny

    What is that outfit? I mean, the pants + shoes are bad, but why the pink shirt, above all? I feel like she often puts nice pieces into truly awful combinations. Like perhaps she feels that she is being Sienna Miller or Alexa Chung? She is NOT that girl.

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  42. Flora

    I could totally make that jumper! It’s just a giant granny square. Anyone who loves it, let me know, and I’ll knock something up in half a day for 0.5% of the price.

    I used to quite like Anne Hathaway – she seemed relatively normal, next to all the other knicker-flashing, permatanned Hollywood starlets. She seemed to bring an intelligence to her roles, unlike, say, the unholy Romcom triumvarate (Hudson, Aniston, Zellweger) But I don’t think I can forgive her for totally ruining One Day. It could have been sooo good, but now the book is forever tainted by association. Damn you, Hathaway!

  43. Sajorina

    This outfit makes me question her judgement… Maybe she can plea “Temporary Insanity” and I would absolve her because I ♥ her so much!

    @FugGirls: Get rid of “ann” and her SPAM because it’s driving me mad! It rhymed!!!

  44. luxsword


  45. moody

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that her pants have built in saddle bags?

  46. Sheri C

    More annoying than Ann and her spam, which is easily skipped over, is Sajorina’s constant bitching about it.

  47. Claire L

    I actually love the sweater and the pants from the knees up ( how I wish they weren’t leg warmers at the ankles)…. the pink thing and the shoes HAVE to go.

  48. Elaine

    I covet those grandpa shoes.

  49. Kate

    Wait, did I miss the part where you fug those pockets hard??? Ew. The leg warmers are the least of those pant’s worries… It looks like her pelvis is melting.

  50. Lily1214

    I know I saw that sweater on the rack at the Goodwill right near my house.