There’s something comfortingly grandfatherly about Anne Hathaway’s sweater here. Unlike when Cate Blanchett went full afghan, this tiny taste of crochet is just sort of huggably comfortable, and makes me wish it were sweater weather instead of triple-digit temperatures.

However, once you get this far south, you realize the sweater is the least grandfatherly thing about it. The last time I saw someone wear those shoes outside, it was either a) accompanied by a whiff of pipe smoke, a hurled newspaper, and a crotchety bellow to get off the goddamn lawn; or b) on Mickey Rourke. But THEY might not even be the biggest concern EITHER, because ANKLES WHAT?

Are those built-in legwarmers? Aren’t actual PANTS leg-warming enough? With all that elastic on the cuffs it’s like she put her legs through somebody’s Varsity letter jacket. Which you just don’t do unless you want the entire senior class to write about it on the bathroom walls.