New York Fugshion Week: What We Saw on Days 5 and 6

Dresses dresses dresses dresses.

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  1. annasi

    So pretty it hurts. SO pretty!

  2. Sarah

    I gasped audibly at some of these. Come to my closet slide 22…

  3. Eliza

    So, so pretty. Loving your coverage of NYFW – here, tweets & The Cut.

    Looking forward to your coats post. There will be a coats post won’t there? Since there are so many lovely, lust-worthy coats this season, maybe it will have to be divided into different posts based on material (leather, fur, wool, etc.).

  4. Stefanie

    #20. OH MY. #20

    Seriously, I want all of these. Except the hat.

  5. Mary

    I want ALL of the Oscar de La Renta dresses. sigh. And most of the Jenny Packham ones.
    If only I had somewhere to wear majestic looking purple gowns with silver embellishments/deer (DEER!!!) on them.

  6. Eirwen

    Oscar is best!

  7. Meri

    Ok I need to A: get 113 jillion dollars so I can buy most of these, B: lose weigh so I can wear them, and C: get invited to places to wear them at.

    Actually, I can skip C. If I had 21 or 22, I would wear it everywhere- doing the laundry, buying groceries, striding dramatically into random buildings (with the cape in 12)!

  8. Kate

    Oh I’m dyyyying it’s all too gorgeous. I am so so broke but I would pay $5 to see someone wear #4 to the Oscars. I can’t think of who I’d see in it though. Diane Kruger, but will she be at the Oscars? I could see Cameron trying it. Maybe Amy Adams will take a risk? I think it would be cool with her hair.

  9. Jennifer

    I wish those squiggly shoes would go away. Also horribly pointed pumps.

  10. Art Eclectic

    #5 Double sigh.

    #19 Triple sigh – especially in a color

  11. TaraMisu

    # 15 and 20… gimme!! Oh to have lots of money and no curves LOL

  12. Jane

    All beautiful. I wish I could afford (and fit into them) but, the one that you want to line and slap on someone right now has a jack-o-lantern on the chest.

  13. tatiana.larina

    pretty pretty pretty Oscar de la Renta. I’m not super-invested in fashion (I read GFY mostly for its funny writing), but wasn’t it Oscar who designed the dramatic white drass with black embroidery that Halle Berry wore way back when to the Bond premiere? And I still remember it.

  14. witjunkie

    That dark, dark teal is heart-stopping.

  15. Sajorina

    I love & would happily wear most of these! I want to do so many things with dress #2… Wear it to a ball, use it as an area rug, upholster a side chair! My absolute favorite is #24! Damn, I love it! COVET! And all the shoes are FABULOUS!

  16. Joan

    While this may be true: “There always has to be at least one black ballgown in the mix.”

    DOES IT HAVE TO BE SHEER? i think not – I was hoping we were over the sheer

  17. Ladyblahblah

    #11 looks very similar to the dress that Madonna wore in the Express Yourself video back in the early ’90s.

  18. Guerra

    Ahhh to be a rich lady and wear oscar every day!

  19. Mara

    Slide 17 for Chastain. Who’s with me?!

  20. Tamburlaine

    Wow! So many gorgeous dresses. Most are pretty simple, silhouette-wise, but the colours and fabrics are luscious. The sheer ones need some lining, but the workmanship looks exquisite (particularly that last Neem Acra one). I do like fashion shows where you can actually see why someone would want to wear the frocks on offer.

  21. AmyK

    #19 looks like the most fabulous night gown ever. I can imagine Grace Kelly lounging around in it.

  22. Amy

    I can’t even pick a favorite–I love ALL of these. Well, I’m not a huge fan of 26, but line that bodice and we’re in business. I’ve never seen such a downright gorgeous collection of dresses. I LOVE the bold pattern in #2.

    Oh, and Heather, I will volunteer myself as the redhead for #21 if it could just appear in my closet immediately. I’ll keep the sleeves–I’m loving the sleeve trend.

  23. Rayna

    Those gorgeous ball gowns! Yes, someone SHOULD wear one/some to the Oscars (Oscar, to the Oscars………..).

    And those fabrics are straight outta the 19th century. LOVE.

  24. Beth

    Zoe Saldana in the second Oscar de la Renta? Divine.

  25. May

    So many divine dresses!!! But I’m not a fan of the makeup on the models in Oscar de La Renta show. Check out slide 10. Yikes!

  26. Hima

    Love the dresses, hate the styling.