New York Fugshion Week: Heart Truth Red Dress Show

Well, we love hearts, and we love Diet Coke, but the Heart Truth Red Dress show — which traditionally opens the February Fashion Week — is always a mixed bag in terms of both the quality of clothes and the fame level of the celebrity models. One year we saw Liza freaking Minnelli break into “New York, New York,” and then another, weather delayed us from arriving in time to see GFY’s imaginary mentor and beloved camp deity Joan Collins, at which point we shook our fists at the heavens and wailed and wondered how Diet Coke could be associated with something so painful. Since then, the show got moved to the day we travel, so we can never go — and that’s how we came to miss KRYSTLE CARRINGTON. Does the universe just think Dynasty is unimportant? Not true, universe. NOT TRUE. BITE YOUR GALACTIC TONGUE.

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  1. Vodka Gimlet

    Christie Brinkley looks odd. She is/was a beautiful woman, but step away from the botox and surgery STAT. And Linda Evans? I didn’t recognize her until I read the caption. She looks terrible, like a wax museum piece. And not a very well done one.

    • giggleswick

      Agree with this assessment. They were all over my TV and magazines growing up and I didn’t recognize either one. Although, wow, Christie’s 57. She doesn’t look herself, but she doesn’t really look her age either. So, win?

      Even though it’s a tad short, I actually think Rose McGowan’s dress is one of the prettiest.

      • Nancy

        I saw Brinkley do an ad on television for some toothpaste stuff last year, and she must have just had eye surgery, ahem, plastic surgery, because she looked nothing like herself. I mean, seriously, I really questioned whether it was she. I think it relaxed a bit, but she is still very odd looking to me.

        Shame – she probably would have aged beautifully.

    • Cecily

      Christie Brinkley’s face is now officially Heather Locklear’s. Eek.

  2. anne p.

    Oh man ….. them’s some lazy-ass designs.
    Looks like this thing is now a dead ringer for a suburban mall-sponsored charity event (not that there’s anything wrong with those – god bless – but y’ know?).

  3. Cat

    The designs are nothing to write home around, but I think Minka Kelly (even in the mumsy sequined wrap dress) and Jennifer Nettles look great– they are definitely my favs from the slideshow.

  4. Kimberli

    Christie Brinkley does look strange. I didn’t even recognize her.

    And, Gloria, what is with that make-up? I couldn’t even see her eyes!

  5. Cat

    Write home *about*, I mean.

  6. PinkieBling

    FTLOG, Linda Evans, floor-length or hose. FLOOR-LENGTH OR HOOOOOOOSE. My retinas are singed.

    The Chaka Khan slide made me giggle quite a bit. :)

    • Bevvie Hedstrom

      Yes, there needs to be a grandfather clause on the hose issue.

    • Lou UK

      YES. Linda Evans looks fierce from the neck up and her figure is fantastic but oh dear, she has very old-lady legs, arms & hands for someone who’s not 70 yet. Long dresses are your friend!

  7. Juanitatres

    Floor-length or hose indeed, PinkieBling!! I have never seen so many unflattering dresses in one place. Jennifer Nettles FTW.

  8. AMS

    Mmmm, lemon gin.

  9. Chasmosaur

    1) When did Elisabeth Röhm stop being blond? I don’t know if she’s a natural brunette, but blond does suit her coloring better.

    2) I don’t think any designer puts any effort into designing for this event. On the verge of fashion week, I think they just don’t care.

    3) Krystle Carrington totally should have worn the DVF wrap. If nothing else, it would have masked her aging legs better. Not criticizing – it happens to many women, especially if you’ve spent your life in heels – but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress to your best advantage. The dress she’s wearing – and the too heavy makeup – makes you forget how very pretty Linda Evans is. The short hemline and the sparkly, ankle strapped shoes draw attention to her legs. The DVF wrap with simpler heels would have been great on her.

  10. Carol

    Christie must have had work done … and Linda seriously needs work done … Linda, you can’t go bare-legged anymore, hon.

  11. Melly

    By that was one big ugh.

  12. vandalfan

    !- What’s up with Evan’s breasts? Righty seems to be escaping from those legs by crawling up over her shoulder.
    2- Dear Lord, Brinkly’s become a wax character of herself.
    4- Minka, that’s first one’s a robe and the second one needs a necklace
    5- Gloria, that hair, seriously, really?
    6- TEAM KHAN!

  13. SharonCville

    Are you familiar with The Travelling Red Dress project? This reminded me of it, but I have to say that the designs of the dresses on that project are probably superior to much of what was on the runway. Boring…

    • daisy

      These designers (and the women too) are around beautiful dresses regularly. While the women looking into a travelling red dress are looking for something that will help them (and many others) shine to their full potential. THose looking for something “once-in-a-lifetime”-like will always find something more beautiful & flattering.
      Travelling Red Dress FTW

  14. Jill

    Most of these ladies would look so much better with different hairdos. I’m looking at you Evans, Elfman, Kelly, Estefan, Rohm……

    But I guess I’d say Jennifer N. wore her dress better than anyone else.

  15. fritanga

    Okay, the whole Chaka Khan comment was worth the price of admission, by which I mean having to suffer through all the rest of the bad red dresses. Heh heh heh heh – very well done, Heather, you ’80s maven, you.

    Thought Evans and Brinkley both looked horrifying, and it wasn’t just their awful dresses. Yikes. Looking at them I now appreciate Madonna’s relatively restrained work more and more.

  16. kathrynannew

    Christie Brinkley’s upper arm skin/flab is extremely unfortunate in that second photo. Now I know why she had the wrap!

    • Bevvie Hedstrom

      YES! I was hoping somebody else would notice the arm thing. She is gonna be PISSED when she sees that picture.

      • Carolina Girl

        Christie Brinkley’s been looking “done” for quite some time now. Instead of tinkering with her face, she should seriously consider having a tummy tuck on those upper arms (army tuck??).
        Chaka Khan looks great, but her thing has always been to wear a lot of layers and big hair. I think she’s trying to distract the eye from that rack.

  17. Kristin

    I don’t think hose are the wrong answer when you’re of a certain age. Yes, I’m talking to you, Linda Evans.

  18. mary lou bethune

    No one looks all that great- maybe it was the lighting but it does give one pause. Christie never struck me as anything but shallow so of course she had work.. Linda Evans ‘s nose is a bit askew? Jenna Elfman’s dress is lovely. The rest are so boring… except Chaka Kahn! That’s the way to be!

  19. Bella

    Honestly, I did not recognize Christie Brinkley or Linda Evans. STOP the surgeries, please!

    Chaka Khan for the win.

  20. poppy

    Are we positive that really was la Brinkley? I’m not convinced.

  21. cruzilla

    @poppy: a few months ago I saw several pictures of her shortly after “the change” and also found it hard to believe it was the same person. But this seems to confirm it.

    I think Jennifer Nettles looks fabulous and kind of like Rose McGowan’s dress as well.

  22. TonyG

    Here is a link to a video news report that shows the women in red in motion on the runway.

    Once you click to play the video, double its size for a better view.

    Note: Christie Brinkley, in her close-up interview looks more her age, and still quite plastic. She also stumbled coming out on to the catwalk but recovered nicely.

  23. Cranky Old Batt

    Christie Brinkley is the epitome of a woman who has obviously had work done. Not that it is hideous like Dolly Parton, just obvious and therefore, sad.

  24. Sajorina

    Heather & Jessica, I’m deeply saddened by the fact that you couldn’t see all this FUG in person! How can Diet Coke do that to their best costumers & Internet’s Unofficial Ambassadors? Shame! I think that except for Minka Kelly, Jenna Elfman and Jennifer Nettles, all this women looked either super boring or just bad or both! Some of this pictures will haunt me… forever!

    • Bevvie Hedstrom

      Word. The FugGirls should be getting free deliveries of Diet Coke ala Demi’s free deliveries of Red Bull.

  25. Anne B

    I find myself really liking Aisha’s dress. Or maybe what I feel is just a variation on really liking Aisha?

    I don’t know what to say about Christie. Does it happen that, the more famous you have been for your beauty, the harder it is to let it mellow with age? Even if that’s so, why not look at someone like Rita Moreno (Or Chaka!), and say, “I guess I could do that”?

    Sigh. I’m sad for her. :(

  26. LG

    True story:

    Every year, I see this string of not-quite-matchy red dresses and can’t help thinking there’s going to be a bride at the back of the line. A nice bride, you know, because she lets her ‘maids pick their own dresses and she loves people from all age ranges and walks of life, but she’s back there waiting for the organist to start cranking Canon in D. Jenna Elfman’s dress especially is straight off a David’s Bridal rack, and the most avant-garde of them still looks like something you could get at the damn mall, and it’s like this EVERY. YEAR.

  27. Sandra

    Minka looks great in the day dress. The Phelpses are adorable for themselves, though thank all that’s holy that Michael has given up the scraggly porn-stache.

  28. Jen

    It’s the Night of a Thousand Face Lifts!

  29. Kary

    Okay, Linda. Truth time— those are not your shoes. And, if you’re not going to go with the very sage hose or floor-length suggestions stated above, there are products you can use on your legs to even out the skin tone and make things more even. I say this because I care, but I had to make sure it was really YOU and not a contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race pretending to be you. I know. I’m sorry.

  30. Andrew S.

    That Lala Dress is definitely orange, not red. Gloria and Mama phelps, who resembles Doris Roberts, are working it though

  31. Claire Zulkey

    Are you just saying that about Elizabeth Rohm because she’s a lesbian? (That comment makes as much sense here as when she unloaded that upon her L&O departure).

  32. Claire L

    oh Linda!…. I know that there will be a day soon that I shall need to cover my legs, not because they’re in bad shape, but because no matter how I keep the muscle tone up, the skin doesn’t lie….. and please may I have a girlfriend say “Girl, cover them up!”

    I’m so sad about Brinkley! I thought that she was aging very well….and now….. well,she doesn’t look like herself… while I’m not against work done ( I’m just waiting for my windfall to take care of a couple of genetic jokes)… just seems sad to see beautiful women erase what makes them beautiful.

    Gloria’s beehive made me think of Annie Potts in Pretty In Pink…and I instantly loved her.

    AS for the dresses…. seriously, who knew red could actually be made to look so boring.

  33. Dazie
  34. Kris M

    Minka looks like the Duchess in her second picture. Lovely. Enviable hair.

    I actually like the glitter dress too, though I wish it were short and closed at the bottom…

  35. Caroleena Stantonova

    Linda Evans, for fug’s sake–cover those legs!

  36. Nancy

    Linda Evans’s shoes are really unflattering. She’d’ve looked better in the DVF wrap, yes. But with more-covered legs. Sorry to say – it’s not personal. But work with what you’ve got, and tone down what you don’t, you know?

    I actually thought Chaka Khan pulled off her look.

  37. Guerra

    My god every single dress looked cheap & so did some of the girls!

  38. Guerra

    Isn’t it weird that ladies put every bit of effort to make sure their faces look at least 10 years younger, but the body- nothing!!

  39. Lillibet

    Mama Phelps wins hands down. She’s R E A L!

  40. Kiki

    You guys actually picked a nice pic for Minka, because I saw some others on justjared that she was superfug, her terrible catwalk and everything.

  41. AndersonicTK421

    Am late to this party, but have to say it:
    Dear Maggie Gyllenhaal,
    See Jennifer Nettles.
    Note: you are NOT Jennifer Nettles and will therefore NOT appear thus in frocks of this nature. Thank you.

  42. steph527

    What has happened to Rose’s face???

    • katkin74

      YES!!!! ^THIS^

      I can’t believe it took somebody this long to ask in the comments. Forget Christie Brinkley, ROSE appears to have had work done. And not good.

  43. yeahandalso

    OMG OMG OMG OMG What happened to Rose’s face? She did not look like that last summer when she was promoting the Conan movie. I know about her accident, but that was a few years ago at this point and has nothing to do with whatever she’s done in the past few months. That is so sad, I always regarded her as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.