Okay, first of all, because I know you care: The Ferris Bueller CRV commercial depressed me. I love that movie. I LOVE it. And, listen, no disrespect to the CR-V. I drive a very similar car. But comparing the CR-V to Cameron’s Dad’s car makes me want to stab myself in the hand, and the idea that Ferris — whom I loved and wanted to marry during all the years that I didn’t want to marry Marty McFly — would grow up to be so dead-eyed just makes me want to entomb myself next to John Hughes so we can roll in our graves in synchronicity. Sigh. It turns out that Marty was the better bet. (Which isn’t that surprising, now that I think about it as an actual adult. ILU MICHAEL J FOX!)

But hopefully this does open the door for Mrs Bueller — aka Carrie Bradshaw — to appear in a Super Bowl ad based on her own childhood Role of a Lifetime. Yes, I’m talking about Annie:

Frankly, I’m pretty sure Annie wore those little white gloves at some point, and this is certainly the sort of look a little girl would love — it’s feminine and fancy, but also TOUGH AND LEATHER.

That being said, it looked totally different without the accessories:

This feels good to me. In fact, it feels very late-season Carrie Bradshaw, when she was all Oscar de la Renta (which this is), and I was all swoony over her wardrobe. It’s supremely girly, but it’s also on brand for her. No need to go out and kill Kim Catrall so she and I can turn in our graves, at least.

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