Well, we love hearts, and we love Diet Coke, but the Heart Truth Red Dress show — which traditionally opens the February Fashion Week — is always a mixed bag in terms of both the quality of clothes and the fame level of the celebrity models. One year we saw Liza freaking Minnelli break into “New York, New York,” and then another, weather delayed us from arriving in time to see GFY’s imaginary mentor and beloved camp deity Joan Collins, at which point we shook our fists at the heavens and wailed and wondered how Diet Coke could be associated with something so painful. Since then, the show got moved to the day we travel, so we can never go — and that’s how we came to miss KRYSTLE CARRINGTON. Does the universe just think Dynasty is unimportant? Not true, universe. NOT TRUE. BITE YOUR GALACTIC TONGUE.

[Photos: Getty]