MTV Movie Awards Mostly Well Playeds: Gossip Girls


There is a lot of good here with our Gossip Girls, but it’s one of those things where one nagging detail sometimes gets in my head and then takes root there and burrows and chews, like a termite, only I can’t tent for it.

Take Blake, for instance. She’s got DiCaprio on the hook, so she doesn’t need her boobs or legslys right now to get attention, and thus she ends up looking rather classy and put-together in enviable Louboutins and a beautifully blue Michael Kors. (I actually think she could’ve saved that hairdo restraint for when she had more going on with her clothes, and gone a little beachy-wild here for some texture.) But the first time I saw this, I thought she had enormous and weird deodorant or sweat stains ringing her arms, and now all I can think of is that she should not raise her hands because she is not Sure. So I’m trusting you to do what my brain no longer can: think clearly and judge swiftly.

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Next up is Blake’s better half on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester.

You know me and Jessica, when it comes to sparkly mini-dresses: instant crush. But she JUST did that movie The Roommate where she gets obsessed with Minka Kelly, and now I look at her with her new hair and her dimples and all I SEE is Minka Kelly. Is this her ploy to accidentally ship Minka off to the Gossip Girl set so Leighton can show up at Charlie’s Angels and get to do something fun? Should Derek Jeter be worried that he’s going to roll over one morning and see Leighton Meester grinning back at him? I suppose his first reaction to that might not be WORRY, exactly. Anyway. Love the outfit, but girl, life shouldn’t always imitate art. ESPECIALLY when said art is basically just ripping off a Bridget Fonda movie.

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  1. Willow

    Love both dresses! Hate Blake’s shoes, they are so clompy but I do like the colour but they do not go with the dress.

    I kind of like Blake’s shoes, they look a bit ratty but they at least suit the dress.

  2. anonymoose

    I am not in the camp of Louboutins being “enviable.” No respect for the designer who so outspokenly and purposely has contempt for comfort/wearability. His shoes are not works of art. They are self-aggrandizing clodhoppers. And these purple suede clompers do not go with the blue summer dress here. That red stripe under the heel is always distractingly ugly, too.

    Agreed about Blake’s hair needing texture and volume; release the strands! Be free!

  3. vandalfan

    In the first dress, I want to understand the decorative armpit stains as much as anyone. Why would a designer DO that? A zoom in make me think they’re illusion netting. I hardly recognized ol’ Boobs here, so classy this looks. I say a big yes to the Loub’ pumps in this deployment, and yes to softer hair.

    The second dress is a smashed disco ball glued on to a pillow case. Just a few darts would have made this so much better. The little buckle shoes are made of Want, but not right here. This calls for strappy sandals.

  4. Heather

    I have to say… I bought a pair of Loubs off eBay and they are REALLY comfortable and wearable despite being very high. So for me… still enviable.

  5. Jaclyn

    OMG! I just saw this amazing article that Kelly Rutherford gave about her style– AMAZING!!

  6. Michelle

    Blake’s dress is too tight and the shoes are ugly. The hair as you stated, too severe. Those underarm holes were a bad idea. The shoe style doesn’t work for me. Too round and clumpy and don’t compliment the dress. The shoes should have been tourquoise to pick up some of the bracelet color.

    Thumbs down Blake.

  7. Kelly

    That dress highlights Blake’s figure just as well as something more skimpy could, so it’s great to see her without boobs hanging out and a slit up to her nethers. But I HATE those armpit cutouts. They don’t make sense to me, how they stay perfectly in place (illusion netting I guess?) and for being the only real design detail to keep the dress from being a plain shift, they are pretty random. The shoes are a beautiful color and elongate her legs (I think that’s why they’re “enviable,” not because of their brand name), but the severe hair doesn’t flatter her face.

    Leighton’s dress is fun but her hair looks a little fried (wish she’d go a little darker) and the proportions of heavy dress on top and ankle strap shoes are making her look a little stumpy.

  8. Jill

    I love Blake’s look. Hair is a little severe, but I think she’s trying to be a little more conservative.

    I would like Leighton’s dress more without the sleeves and with different shoes. Those shoes are giving her cankles and the sleeves are making me sweat in the air conditioning.

  9. AGM

    Blake looks UNREAL in those Louboutins, who in their right might would vote FUG here?

    I’m thinking of picking up these Nude Bianca Louboutins

    Think I can pull them off like Blake?

  10. sally

    Blake’s clothes are ALWAYS too tight. She looks larger than life, as if she would always kind of be getting in my space, hogging the armrest, breathing too loudly.

    Darts definitely would have helped Leighton’s dress, but I like it anyway.

  11. Annabeth

    Clompy shoes are really in style right now, but in 20 years they’re going to be the thing movie costume designers show to demonstrate how tacky and clueless we were back in the good ol’ 2010s. Clompy enormous shoes are to this era what ginormous shoulder pads were to the ’80s or what polyester pantsuits were to the early ’70s.

  12. AGM

    Oops I meant

  13. Ms. Pants

    Loubs are boring to me. Ridiculously expensive, red sole. Big whoop. Red sharpie. (Okay, so my beloved Fluevogs aren’t cheap, but they aren’t $600 for a pair of nothing-special-strappy-heels.)

    And Blake Lively is dueling in my brain with Lea Michele for Person I’d Most Like to Punch in the Friggin Neck. I find her more and more irritating every time I see her. And lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of her. (Bish, please–that’s so you in those photos.)

    I’ll take the DIY Mirror Mosaic Dress of Yuck over anything to do with Blake Lively. Even Vanessa From Brooklyn’s Paisley Pantsuit Disaster. ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.

  14. Lina

    The more I look at Blake’s the less I like it, but that’s mainly because it’s a size too small. The small dark blue sweat stains in her armpits don’t help, either. But she does get points for being covered instead of doing her usual near-nudity.

    LM’s dress/tunic is funky, but too big AND too short. It’s like an over-sized T that got soaked in glue and dipped in mirror mosaic tiles, which, cool idea, but, hello, tailor the T BEFORE decorating! I dislike her shoes, too, but if the dress fit, it wouldn’t matter.

  15. (not THE) Jessica

    From the waist up, Blake looks like she is one chalk application away from jumping on the uneven bars. Gymnasts are amazing but, no…helmet hair, awkward torso wrapping, and armpit-adjacent illusion netting have no place on the red carpet!

  16. TTbelle

    I think Blake can pull off the hair. She has the face and vibrancy for it while a lot of stars don’t.

  17. Lisa

    Ms. Pants: You are divine. Agree agree agree.

  18. Nina

    As much as I dislike Blake (Leo, you can do better) I’m really digging her outfit, including the cutouts. I can’t fault her for the sweat stains; doesn’t that happen to everyone? Don’t like the shoes, though. The purple is a turnoff.

    I also like Leighton’s dress, and I feel like I really shouldn’t. But it’s pretty on her. Sure, it’s disco ball-y, yet she’s cute enough to pull it off. Plus, it feels appropriate for the MTV crowd.

  19. TB

    So… because Leighton has dimples and hair she’s trying to be Minka Kelly? Oh, OK. makes total sense.

  20. BeatrixKiddo

    excuse me… I believe Blake is Leighton’s better half.

  21. Kris

    I suspect that Boobs Legsly is trying to play down the fact that we’ve all seen so much of he Boobs and Legslys lately. She does look good when she decides to Put It Away, but in this case… too late.

  22. Joni Woodhead

    TB — I think its that her hair is the same as Minka’s .. not just that she has hair

    Annabeth — if you think these shoes are clompy and look like hooves, where were you in the 90′s??? all of our heels had to be like 4×4 cubes instead of stilettos and they had matching “chunky” platforms for the toes too, just ugly

  23. jess

    Blake’s outfit was okay, if a bit boring, but lose the purple clumpers. Bronze strappy heels would’ve gone with the Grecian style of the bracelet and then give the outfit a direction.
    Leighton’s was more daring and exciting, but I agree about the disco ball thing. But it’s Balmain! Also can’t blame her for the Minka Kelly thing. They do look alike. Dark hair would sort that out in no time, but hey, it’s summer, so what the hell!

  24. Emmy

    Thank you for acknowledging that Leighton is Blake’s better half! Blake’s boobs legsly get all the attention but Leighton is a much better/more interesting actress.

    They both look cute, but Blake’s shoes seem off to me.

  25. Gabby

    I wish Leighton had either a) worn heels (silver! Shiny!) with this dress… Or b) waited for fall and wore it with Femmebot boots (also silver!!… or maybe a blueish hue). The B option would mean she looked like someone out of Austin Powers and THAT would be awesome.

    I voted Fab for the Boobsly dress but now I’ve looked at it for longer I think it looks like a high performance jogging …um.. dress. And let me tell you… There is nothing I hate more than high performance running pants… so that feeling migrates to this dress… I love the shoes though.

  26. Lina Lamont

    From the front she looks like she’s wearing a back pack!!! However, aside from that and her boring hair, I give this a mostly fab.

  27. The Other Molly

    Legsley’s dress is cute.
    The shoes are awful and don’t go with the dress at all.
    Christian USED to design a very pretty shoe.
    Lately, it seems like he’s taking clodhopper pills.
    I’ll give Legsley and Leo a month at best.
    I think they both need press, so they are fake dating to attract attention.

  28. Jerika Coleman

    I don’t want to say I would literally kill for Blake’s Louboutins, but I would totally push somebody over for them.

  29. Amy

    Can’t stand the shoes with the dress. Purple suede/red make no sense with a sleeveless blue dress. Points for leaving a little mystery as to what’s under the dress though.

  30. Reece

    I would switch their hairstyles.

  31. Valentina

    Poor Leighton, that dress is wearing her.

  32. Bambi Anne Dear

    I think this is the first thing I’ve liked on Boobs. Her shoes are a bit of an eyesore. Leighton’s dress I like but I think it’s suffering from being in front of that busy backdrop.

  33. Sajorina

    I like Blake’s outfit; she looks GREAT and I love that she showed some restraint! Plus, those Louboutins are to die for!!!

    I think Leighton looks gorgeous and I’m and a fan of sparkles, so I LOVE IT! The shoes are awesome too! And, I have no problem setting Leighton & Minka apart!

  34. Sara Jane

    This is not the first time Boobs Legsly has done bright blue dress w/ purple shoes!!
    Her stylist clearly is not keeping track. And she looks kinda great but is just trying way too hard (this you can tell by the super-serious face poses she pulls in her nudie pics…)

  35. Carol

    Blake, yes! Leighton, no … looks like the Queen of Spades in a Vegas casino deck.

  36. Amanda

    The Roommate = Single White Female 20 years later. Shameless, even for Hollywood.

  37. Aria

    I love them both. I think that is the best I’ve seen Leighton look in a while. I want her entire oufit and Blake’s shoes [I would covet Blake's dress, but I do not have her chest or her very flat tummy].

  38. Sandra

    The arm-pit windows are a little weird, but overall I love the look. The colors are great together. The other one needs some pants.

  39. char

    Blake: I agree the dress is 1/2 size too small. I like the Loubs but think the color doesn’t work with the dress. It doesn’t work with too many things, period, which is why I like it in the abstract but wouldn’t particularly want to have those shoes in my closet. Leighton Meester: I love sparkle shinies, but the dress does her figure no favors. It just looks baggy. I have no opinion on the shoes. They’re okay with the dress, I suppose.

  40. Kati

    I sincerely no comprende the armpit straps trend. I’m not blaming Ms Lively, she looks as fine as anyone could, but I don’t get it Michael Kors…I just don’t get it!!!

  41. Jax

    Sorry, I would never mistake Minka Kelly for Leighton Meester. Minka is sure cute, but no Leighton.