There is a lot of good here with our Gossip Girls, but it’s one of those things where one nagging detail sometimes gets in my head and then takes root there and burrows and chews, like a termite, only I can’t tent for it.

Take Blake, for instance. She’s got DiCaprio on the hook, so she doesn’t need her boobs or legslys right now to get attention, and thus she ends up looking rather classy and put-together in enviable Louboutins and a beautifully blue Michael Kors. (I actually think she could’ve saved that hairdo restraint for when she had more going on with her clothes, and gone a little beachy-wild here for some texture.) But the first time I saw this, I thought she had enormous and weird deodorant or sweat stains ringing her arms, and now all I can think of is that she should not raise her hands because she is not Sure. So I’m trusting you to do what my brain no longer can: think clearly and judge swiftly.


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Next up is Blake’s better half on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester.

You know me and Jessica, when it comes to sparkly mini-dresses: instant crush. But she JUST did that movie The Roommate where she gets obsessed with Minka Kelly, and now I look at her with her new hair and her dimples and all I SEE is Minka Kelly. Is this her ploy to accidentally ship Minka off to the Gossip Girl set so Leighton can show up at Charlie’s Angels and get to do something fun? Should Derek Jeter be worried that he’s going to roll over one morning and see Leighton Meester grinning back at him? I suppose his first reaction to that might not be WORRY, exactly. Anyway. Love the outfit, but girl, life shouldn’t always imitate art. ESPECIALLY when said art is basically just ripping off a Bridget Fonda movie.