MTV Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Zoe Saldana

I’m almost at a loss for words — which, ironically, is when we usually default to typing, “WORDS.”

But there aren’t really words, other than nonsense ones strung together. In the spirit of this being an MTV event, let’s play Fug or Band Name.

a) Lycra Witch Garden

b) Pot-Pourri Gangrene Syndrome

c) Awful Dot Mauling (this could also be the name of a person you really hate — like, “Ugh, here comes Awful Dot Mauling, of the New Hampshire Maulings”)

d) Stockingblossom von Kneecap

I’m thinking… all of the above.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (35):

  1. Rayna

    Oy. How ugly does a dress have to be to make ZOE freakin’ SALDANA look bad?

    It’s almost mind bottling, you know, like when your thoughts are all trapped, like in a bottle.

  2. Evangeline

    Her right leg got a slit to show off and her left leg didn’t want to be left out? Such a weird dress.

  3. Elizabeth

    Space-age Sofa Supply?

  4. Kristen from MA

    So was the theme of this year’s show Beautiful Women Dressed Badly?

    Holy crap on a cracker!

  5. Caroline

    I inexplicably like this on her. I’m not proud.

  6. Alessandra

    Lycra Witch Garden FTW. Best band name.

  7. qwertygirl

    Slit or sheer, please choose ONLY ONE.

  8. sara

    but imagine if this dress were black up top and then just the floral design on the bottom, as like a mini-dress. cute, no?

  9. pixie

    I think it’s pretty and interesting and that she pulls it off.

  10. Mongerel

    I love the juxtaposition of the flowers and the dots, and I was *going* to remark that if you are compelled to use sheer fabrics, this is a pretty good way to go about it. Then, I saw the slit. Siiiiiigh.

  11. Big Noise

    What fresh hell is this dress?

  12. JMo

    Scrolldown VOMITOUS fug!

  13. Stefanie

    Well that shirt doesnt go with that skirt at all. The only thing I can think of that would go with the skirt is the trash can.

  14. Sheneve Butler

    Why is she standing like that? Nothing looks good here except the hair.

  15. Rowynn

    It’s the sheer that ruins it. Granted, the top isn’t the best, but she could have pulled it off if not for that dumb skirt window.

  16. nmlhats

    Actually, it’s a far sight better than the sheer black lace long skirt that we have seen on everybody and her sister in the last 18 months.

  17. Cutebutnerdy

    This could have been kick ass with leather instead of Lycra. I’m just going to come out and say that I miss the strapless dress.

  18. Pegmn

    The flowers look like they were cut out of a magazine. Her skirt is one large scrapbook page.

  19. Rachel

    The top part didn’t look so…shiny on screen. I actually liked it, even (though Lord knows she can pull off things that would look atrocious on almost everyone else). This is a photo fug for me.

  20. Princess Buwwercwup

    That is some serious fug. But, I did snort with laughter over this entry, so I guess we can thank Zoe for providing Heather such wonderful material.

  21. Vandalfan

    The lycra top looks like a hi-tech long underwear top. If the sheer panel was the same solid black fabric as up on up top, and if the dusty rose explosion started farther up to the waist instead of hanging off her hips, that would help.

    Death to all sheer black lace, whether it’s knee-ka-boo, like this, or the improperly lined variety.

  22. glee

    Word! She’s ceased to be the woman who can wear anything.

  23. MegoPachego

    Are we sure that her left leg does not belong to the widow Longoria?

  24. fiatluxury

    ah, Ol’ Fursty-Dots McLadyGarden. We meet again.

  25. Jane

    Looks like a surf shirt with a $0.99 plastic table cloth tacked on the bottom.

  26. Edith

    This – “Ugh, here comes Awful Dot Mauling, of the New Hampshire Maulings!” – made my whole day a lot better. Thank you.

  27. Sajorina

    I’d love to Unfug It Up and make this into something nice, starting with removing all the Lycra! But, at least her hair & makeup are FAB! By the way, WE need to play “Fug or Band Name” regularly, preferably while drinking Mojitos!

  28. tigerstripes

    Rosacea DeVille!