When I got online last night to check what was happening vis a vis the MTV Movie Awards, Heather greeted me by saying, “Ke$ha’s totally Hudgens-ing it up.”

She’s not wrong. This makes me imagine a world where former and current Fug Madness winners and perennial front-runners get together in a series of regular secret meetings held in an underground bunker to discuss a variety of topics — the best place to get drop-crotch jeans, whether or not they ought to bring back flashing the paparazzi their junk — and those meetings are always closed by a discussion of who wants to take over another’s personal style. Like, “Hey, Aubrey, do you want to start wearing these diaper pants?” “NO JUSTIN I DO NOT.” And finally, FINALLY Vanessa got Ke$ha drunk enough to take over the mantle of the lace pants. This, of course, means that Vanessa is going to have to wear a leotard and a skull mask to the second weekend of Coachella, but honestly, I think we’re all winners here.

[Photo: Getty]