Mostly Well Played, Various Royal People At Various Events


This is just a big old Royal Grab Bag. We’ve got a little Kate, and some Prince Harry, and a dash of Her Majesty, and the return of Princess Charlene, the poor dear.

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  1. filmcricket

    Princess Charlene looks amazing in that halter top. She should star in a sisters movie with Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz, and then defect once she’s in Hollywood.

    Kate looks better than I do and I’m not pregnant. She can stop it with the perfection any time now.

  2. Gine

    I’m jealous of anyone who can pull off that shade of yellow. It’s so bright and fun, but it would make me look like I had malaria.

  3. ErinE

    She’s adorable! i think I’m due about 6 weeks after Kate and I want to look like her every day! She’s like children’s book pregnant

    • Aphy

      I’m due first week of August. I try to look decent, but I’m mostly a mess. My feet have swollen to the point that flip flops are my only option. If only I could look so put together and easy breezy!

      •  Helen

        Just look for things that remind you of Samantha Stephens!

        You don’t have to walk anywhere, you can get great dresses online. With your feet UP. And then just wear them when you do have to go someplace!

  4. goldfish

    Prince Albert, first of all, has a Jon Hamm situation happening with his trousers, and who knew? On the other hand, he appears to have suddenly changed his body mass so that his jackets literally won’t fasten. Busting buttons. Bottom button appropriate undone, but his top button, I want people to be issued protective eyewear.

    Can this man not afford a tailor?

    And by the way, I think Charlene’s black outfit IS a jumpsuit, of Emma Peel variety. She is getting ready to make her move. Just watch and see.

    • TonyG

      Regarding Prince Albert’s “Jon Hamm”…I did not notice that, but now that you pointed it out…oh myyyyy! Perhaps Charlene is happier than we all thought? Nah…probably not.

    • Stefanie

      I cant believe I just enlarged a picture of creeper Albert to check out his junk and yet…I just did.

    • Bonnie Klein

      I thought I was the only one who saw that. Thank you for making me feel less pervy (or at least like a perv in great company.) Prince or no I never understood his legendary success with women before that photo.

    • esther p.

      first photo of Albert: “I think that’s his hand …”
      second photo of Albert: “Ok, that is *definitely* not his hand!”

      oh dear … :D

  5. Stefanie

    Do you think Camilla’s head falls off when she (finally) takes that ugly ass pearl choker off?

  6. Kat

    I feel weirded out because I actually covet the Duchess of Cornwall’s coat (but not the hat!) whilst the Duchess of Cambridge’s coat isn’t doing much for me. But the winner of this gallery is the smiling Queen.

  7. Kris

    Seeing Princess Prisoner smile is lovely, in and of itself. That last dress is a monstrosity, but she looks really good in the Dior slide and in the jumpsuit. For a SPLIT SECOND, I thought they were holding hands in the Dior slide.

    • Anita

      That last dress looks like the home ec version of the Marion Cotillard dress. It’s like the students took all the spare fabric they had, whether or not the colors looked good together (I’m looking at you, bland pink!), and started sewing on top of an existing brocade bridesmaid’s dress instead of making a dress from scratch.

      • Marnie

        That dress is a complete fright in every way. Cut, colour/s, length, fit.

    • Other Emily

      I thought they were holding hands too! And I thought “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?” Then I looked closer and of course they are NOT holding hands, because they wouldn’t do that. She looks crazy hot in the halter jumpsuit.

    • Genevieve

      When I look at that last dress, I see someone wearing a terrible flag.

  8. Sandra

    She does have great shoulders. Too bad I’m lazy + uncoordinated, and thus never likely to train to Olympic-caliber swimming, or I could have ones just like them! :D

  9. Beth C.

    Can I just say that I kinda love that it looks like Charlene was in the hotel and suddenly said to the entorage that keeps her in check, “Wait, we’re walking this whole thing? Fuck it, I’m wearing my Target ballet flats.” I mean, I’m sure those aren’t from Target, but they look almost exactly like mine that are and since they just don’t quite go with the suit it makes them look like a last minute substitution. Plus, seriously, you always see these poor royal girls trying to do the silliest things in heels, I’m glad she went with practicality.

    •  AJ

      If I was to traipse about on cobblestone, I’d rock the flats too. Royals, they’re just like us!

  10. Annalynn

    I was loving Prisoner Charlene’s last dress until I realized that Dior apparently ran out of material and cut and pasted two entirely different dresses together. And then I went all Kurtz on it. The horror! The horror!

  11.  Vandalfan

    My, but Kate looks tall in Photo #2. Perhaps there’s a slight slope to the ground, because her heels, mercifully, seem to be standard height..

  12. Cat

    I think Kate looks adorable, and Camilla and the Queen look lovely as well. Hooray! Charlene, though… oy. The one Dior dress I really like, but that last slide is terrible. That dress is like Two Face.

  13. Miranda

    I feel so sad when I see Prison Bride. Is it just me?

    • Marie

      I’m curious. Why is Charlene nicknamed the Prison(er) Bride? Also, I covet her shoulders.

      • Edith

        The story was that she had tried to flee the country THREE TIMES in the months leading up to the wedding. Then there was the wedding – she looked MISERABLE, and appeared to be weeping (with sadness) several times. Put them together, and the mythos was born. She almost never smiles in photos, either, and in fact looks downright depressed most of the time. The contrast between her and Katie Cambridge only makes matters worse; they got married the same summer. Kate seem to have a BALL with William, and to enjoy her role; the opposite seems true of Charlene.

  14.  Louise

    I love Charlene’s haircut. She’s so pretty. I wish she would dump him. He gives me, as my mother would say, “the all-overs”.

  15. Squirrel!

    Please don’t hate me, Fug Nation, but I prefer Camilla’s look to Kate’s. I really don’t care for that shade of yellow on her, and I don’t think the hat is working with the outfit either. The yellow reminds me of the wallpapery jumpsuit co-worn by Fug Madness contenders Stella McCartney and Rihanna.

    • Popcouver

      I can’t figure out why the hat looks SO FAB with the McQueen and so NOT fab with the yellow coat…..

      • Beth

        To me, it’s because they have wildly different shades of white. The white in her yellow dress is white-white, while her hat is more cream, I think? The two pieces don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but I think they would have looked better if they were closer in color.

        • Marnie

          I think you hit it, Beth. The hat and shoes are just wrong for the dress. Needed a crisper white. But anyhow, the dress is a flop in my eyes. Looks like a dentist’s overall, made of something disposable. Plain round neckline doing her no favours.

    • Fletcher

      Kate looks healthy, happy + beautiful. I do think the coat is just a wee bit too short.

  16. Eli

    I love Camilla’s coat but I seriously want to go up behind her and yank up her panty hose.

  17. azqueenie

    “Predictably Feathered” should be the title of Camilla’s juicy tell-all auto-biography.

  18. Mary

    It’s so unusual to see Queen Elizabeth topless – and by that I mean no hat or crown.

    • Sweetsinger

      It’s because hair matches coat in colour–per HRM’s monochromatic custom.

  19. anne p.

    Jessica, I need a refresher on the no-body-shaming rules. So it’s OK to talk about someone’s weight as long as he’s a dude?
    Or maybe it’s OK to talk about any gender’s weight as long as one doesn’t use the word “sandwiches” (even better if one can be witty and/or speak in code)?
    Please help a sister out … thanks.

    • Jessica

      Of course, body-shaming is inappropriate regardless of gender, sandwiches or otherwise. So, let’s not.

      If you — the general you — have an issue with or questions about comments, you can always email us. But please bear in mind that Heather and I are only two people. We can’t read all the comments as they happen in real time, and so I thank you for politely and kindly self-policing, and for letting us know if anything seriously egregious is happening.

      Thanks, guys!

    •  LibraryChick

      I think the comments on Prince Albert’s body were in relation to poor tailoring as opposed to a criticism of his body shape in and of itself. At least, I didn’t read a tone of body-shaming, so I hope that wasn’t anyone’s intent in regard to the button conversation.

  20. Edith

    That Dior dress is the only color I can ever remember seeing on Charlene that wasn’t a neutral – or a baby blue pantsuit. I’m in the group that thinks she looks happy because she’s either plotting a breakout, or she’s realized she’s past the halfway mark on her contracted term….

  21. annie

    I’ve been waiting for a Prisoner Princess update. She does actually look happy in the slide with the black dress but I think its because she’s walking away from Albert. The dress with the bow is just awful, as is the last Dior. If she was a baseball player she’d be batting about .350, great in baseball, not so good in fashion.

    And, I love Kate’s yellow coatdress. So happy. I still can’t imagine Camilla as Queen. Stay healthy Liz!

  22. Carrick

    Woman in Photo 6 looks like she’s translating what Harry’s saying for the Queen.

  23. ceecee

    I love the Queen’s waffle-weave lilac coat. It looks so comfy and warm. I would buy one but here in Georgia I would wear it three times a year (and it probably costs as much as my mortgage payment).

    •  AJ

      I love that coat too! Girlfriend rocks a mean pastel, so springtime is her time to shine really (though I suppose being queen makes it her time to shine always). The collar/cut of it is lovely.

  24.  Helen

    The Queen’s face in #6 is a study in history. That complicated, thoughtful expression… that shot belongs in a museum.

    It brought me to tears.

  25. BrownEyedBetty

    I just have to say.. I have laughed more at the comment thread here than at the FUGirls comments….and that’s saying something. What a HOOT this place is! Thanks everybody. And now to go back and examine the Jon Hamm situation and those pesky pantyhose (but not in the same pic, thankfully…)

  26. Minda

    Oh, goodness. That comment about Harry in the tent with the gardening plans made me me laugh so hard. It just sounded so right and (what I imagine to be so very) English. Also adorable.

    I love that halter on PB. Usually, she just makes her broad shoulders broader and narrow hips narrower. The jumpsuit. Oddly, was a great choice and balanced her out beautifully. I am seeing the, um, Hamm Situation. Curiouser and curiouser.

  27. Kristin

    Looks to me like any resemblance Albert has to J. Hamm has been brought on by his HAND in his POCKET. How Charlene can stand going to bed with that oaf (who has fathered HOW MANY children? yuck!) is beyond me.

    • Helen 

      Not that photo, the last one. The one where she looks uncharacteristically happy.

  28. Shannon

    How much do we think Camilla’s gigantic ostrich hat weighs? Dang.

    Personally, I love the woman who is striding past Princess Sadface in downtown Corsicaville. She’s all, “Screw this royal walking tour crap, I’ve gotta get to the office or my boss is going to scream at me again.” Girlfriend doesn’t have time for Charlene’s sad clown tears.

    • Elbyem

      I love her, too. She’s got that Euro-nautical look downpat. She looks better put together than Sad Princess, and her outfit probably cost thousands of euros less, too.

  29. Sajorina

    Kate looks classy, beautiful, adorable and positively radiant! Love it! And Charlene looks gorgeous in that colorful dress! FAB!