Met Ball Hilariously Played: Chloe Sevigny

Well, the expression of defiance certainly could qualify as punk.

But the Gloria Swanson get-up? Not so much. Then again, Gloria Swanson created an inventions company in New York¬†that was basically a front for helping Jewish scientists and inventors escape Europe during World War II, so she was fairly bad-ass and trailblazing in her own right. Let’s just assume Chloe was reading Gloria’s Wikipedia page when she was picking out her outfit and decided that thwarting the Nazi establishment was the most deliciously¬†punk act of all. And that the turban is therefore a TURBAN OF SECRETS. (Coming soon to a theater near you, starring Nicolas Cage.)

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (20):

  1. Sara

    The Sev is serving up GLORIOUS bitchface here and I LOVE IT.

    • AQ

      I was wrangling my kids at a restaurant last week when she walked past us and gave me that EXACT look. She was not impressed.

  2. Ines

    the one moment she really looks chic it’s not appropiate.
    so very dissapointing

  3. Karen G

    You nailed it, sooooo Gloria Swanson!

  4. Helen

    This really is very funny. It’s terrible, it doesn’t work at all, but it’s hilarious.

  5. Charlotte

    Chloe thought this was a Gatsby promo party. And/or a fortune telling gig.

  6. Jenlwb

    Girl with a Pearl Earring, only without the lippy. NO.

  7. Art Eclectic

    What would have made this work is if the undergarments had been in leopard print.

    Not necessarily punk, but very, very Sevigny….

  8. CremeBrulee

    I….kind of like it? I mean, for the event. Not for just any old party, but for this, it’s working for me.

  9. BrownEyedBetty

    OK, don’t hate me but I don’t hate this. Take away the Met Gala context..put it on someone else on another red carpet with different hair and accessories and I think we might be in business. The wrap around detail is working (for me) and I dig the texture going on too. The turban and the facial expression, not so much.

  10. Linda

    THANK YOU!!! Gloria Swanson is exactly what I thought when I scrolled down to this one.

    Because Gloria was the epitome of punk. Wait, what…

  11. Tiffany

    She usually doesn’t give a f so I was hoping she would really push the envelope. The lack of punk from her is very disappointing! She could have rocked it!

    Also…I am not that familiar with Gloria Swanson, but she sounds way overdue for a movie about her life!

  12. KMG

    I didn’t know that about Gloria Swanson – that’s awesome. Fug Girls – giving us fashion AND history lessons :)

  13. Sajorina

    Turbans are AWESOME, but this one doesn’t do it for me! The dress would be OK with different styling! But the makeup is non-existent and the jewelry is a letdown! The one time she could bring Crazy Chloe Realness and she messed it up!

  14. mepe

    Completely agree with the Gloria Swanson analogy but my first thought was Grey Gardens. The turban with the wrap/under garments is very Little Edie to me…which kind of works with the theme. The Edies were very anti-establishment.

  15. Cora

    Yes, Gloria Swanson, but given the visible undergarments under the lace tablecloth — the boring bra and black Depends — it’s more like Gloria Swanson by way of Betty Grable.

  16. Vandalfan

    The turban is better than her customary Prince Valiant haircut. But I didn’t see any punk to speak of at all at this shindig.