Obviously, I picked this photo because it looks like she’s got a tiny traffic cop sitting on her shoulder. Beat THAT, Amanda Bynes:

All that being said, I kind of love this on Miley. No, I actually am coming down on totally loving this on Miley. This took BALLS, and I appreciate that she went there. Her hair is, obviously, insane and moderately hideous like this  — which is, as I noted in our piece for The Cut, actually more punk than a lot of things that happened last night. Listen, you guys are not going to like what I am about to say, but ever since she has cut her hair, I have been sort of into Miley. I think she’s turning into a kind of chic and interesting person, against SERIOUSLY MANY ODDS and also against a lot of public opinion. She still says (and wears) dumb stuff sometimes, but I can’t help but appreciate her for sincerely…you know. Trying.

What do you think?

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  • Maybe? She might be selling it. I'm unsure. (19%, 2,053 Votes)
  • YES. I don't have to like that I like it, but I do like this. (65%, 6,979 Votes)

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