Met Ball Fug or Fab: Emma Stone


I loved this when I saw it on the live-feed last night, but now that I’m actually looking at it again, I am not so sure.

Things we know:

  1. Emma Stone is adorable, and we love her.
  2. We want the best for her, and sometimes we like to IMAGINE that the best is actually HAPPENING when in reality, it is not.
  3. The color here is really cute.
  4. The cut is also cute.
  5. It’s pretty young.
  6. But so is she!

Things we don’t know:

  1. Is this TOO young for her? (Especially compared to her look last year, which we loved.)
  2. Is it TOO cutesy?
  3. Or is that OKAY?
  4. Are those the best shoes she could have put with this?
  5. But what OTHER shoes would you wear with this?
  6. Would this have been better on Dakota Fanning or Hailey Steinfeld?

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Comments (62):

  1. Gigi

    Shoulders up, she looks adorbs and happy. But this cut is too cutesy and the shoes looked borrowed last minute from Mom.

  2. neiges

    This is like an overdose of sugar.

  3. Ellen

    A little saccharine, and something about her skinny, skinny calves weirds me out. But in general I do love her, so this makes me sad.

  4. Annie

    It’s a little too Toddlers and Tiaras for me.

    • Lindy

      YES! Toddlers and Tiaras is EXACTLY what it is! She’s too cute for this hidjous dress.

  5. linda

    It reminds me of dresses Shirley Temple wore.

  6. laura

    I am a huge Emma Stone fan, but this is way too cutesy for her, she’s is like what? 25?
    All though I do love how sincerely happy she looks to be there!

  7. BrownEyedBetty

    She looks like a Doll, but not in a good way.

  8. Anna Svahn

    Too young for her and I agree with the skinny skinny calves comment.

  9. Bella

    She looks very awkward, like she tried on last year’s dress only to find she grew a few inches. Maybe if the bottom was fitted, not pouffy, and just a bit longer.

    • Sandra

      Exactly. It makes her look wide and square, which she obviously is not.

  10. Lisa

    I like it, but I hate how square the neckline is cut. I don’t think it’s too cutesy but then again, I kinda love little-girl dresses adapted for older chicks. Like in that commercial for a delicious-looking ice cream bar (Magnum, I think?), in which the girl formerly of The O.C. (not Misha Barton, the other one) runs across jammed traffic to make the guy open up the truck and give her one. She is wearing the cutest brown polka-dot dress and it’s so little-girl but looks super-cute on her.

    • Jessica

      Rachel Bilson — that dress is def. cute on her.

      Let’s leave her calves out of it if we can? People can’t help their calves so much.

  11. ok

    Dakotah Fanning should have worn this, instead of the horrible horrible lilac prom dress from the 80s she went with.

    For a grown ass woman, this getup is infantilizing.

  12. Judy

    Kristin Wiig wore the grown up version of this dress — there’s one picture of Emma where Kristin is in the background, and the comparison is striking.

  13. Katie

    I think the problem areas are the hair (it very little-girl-going-to-a-party), the pose (wouldn’t a hand on the hip or something have looked more sophisticated? She seemed to stand the same way all night) and the giddy smile (again, all night, which don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE, it just doesn’t help when you have a dress that’s so borderline little-girly). I think the dress and shoes themselves are gorgeous, as is she, it just wasn’t quite executed right.

  14. Crystal

    You get a lollipop, Emma.

  15. jacey

    I love it. I understand ALL the reasons why others don’t. But this dress has crystal flowers on it. My inner 9-year old simply CAN’T not dream of a dress made of crystal flowers. I would put this dress on and twirl all over my apartment in it. I imagine with a look on my face as goofy as hers. Hee.

  16. Jon

    I think the dress might work with a couple of tweaks… take some of the volume out of the skirt and drop the hemline to just below the knee…

    • Annie S.

      I think the trouble is less the hemline and more the position of the waist. This sucker is eating her torso for dinner. Drop the waist a few inches and we have a winner. Or at least she’d look less like a Cupcake Doll.

      • Sarah

        Yes – Annie S. hit the nail on the head. The waist is two inches too high.

  17. maryse

    i think this is fantastic. i love love this dress. a little longer maybe might been better, and maybe better shoes. but she looks great. i’ve seen other photos of her and this one is kind of meh compared to the others.

  18. Willow

    I think it’s the pose more than anything else, it looked a lot better in more candid shots.

  19. Shannon Lambert

    I honestly think if her hair was down instead of up, she’d look less immature. Maybe some jewelery (lack of jewelery also kind of makes her look like a kiddie, you know?)

  20. karen

    I’m not crazy about the dress, but love her makeup/hair. In fact, I covet her eyebrows. They are amazing!

  21. R

    She’s like a delightful bauble that I’d like to put on my Christmas tree.

  22. Dolly

    That waistline doesn’t fit at all! Ruins the cinched waist look they were going for. Shame.

  23. Girlin

    Oh dear…from the neck up she looks delightful. The hair and makeup and expression are FAB! The dress is a bit twee. It’s slightly too young for her and its a bit fussy for my tastes.

  24. Naomi
  25. Kate

    No. That thing needs to be brought up on criminal charges for what it’s doing to her (presumably tiny) torso.

  26. EAG46

    Longer skirt and a better-shaped neckline would save this dress. Maybe if it was a high-neck halter instead?

  27. dee cee

    Weird. Flat chest, big waist.. bloated hips.. like a larger size person wearing this was photo shop over her body?

  28. Jen

    The waist of the dress needs to sit about six inches lower, with the same amount of skirt length, and it would be an “okay.”

    Rather, here, my first thought was “Why is a Fanning not wearing this?”

  29. Elizabeth

    My first thought was that she looks like Truly Scrumptious in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” when she became the living music box. I love Emma, but this dress is too young and cutesy. Would have worked on Kiernan Shipka, though.

  30. CJ

    She looks adorable, and I actually love the dress… for someone younger. But it’s odd for a 20-something woman who usually wears sophisticated clothes to look like she’s about to break into “Baby, Take a Bow” any minute!

    We can normally blame stylists for fugs and fehs, but the Met Gala is a very unusual night. Lady after lady said that her dress had been chosen for her by Ms. Prada herself (who you can’t say no to, on this night of all nights) or by the designer who was on her arm (as in Emma’s case). Unless you want to be a complete b*tch, my guess is you wear what was chosen (or made) for you, smile and make the most of it.

  31. Sarah

    She looks so happy which I think makes the whole thing.

  32. Cecily

    I think the hair is veering too far towards middle-school-Clueless. Which is fine, but when paired with the cutesy dress, comes across as a little Too Much.

    • thunderthighs

      The hair is VERY 90s. I happen to be a fan of that particular style (because I was in college when it was in style, and it was very easy to wear, even if you had really short hair you would just slick down the front and add some baby barrettes and poof up the back, but I digress) and along with the dark lipstick on half the starlets last night I am enjoying this 1995 revival, but it is not particularly adult. The 1993-1996 fashion period was the height of “grown women dressing like little girls,” which I remember clearly because I wrote a paper on it for Women’s Studies 101. Ah, college.

  33. Mahastee

    It’s cute on her, but maybe it would have been better if there was another few inches at the bottom of the bodice.

    I don’t know, a great smile really makes up for a lot.

  34. Nancy

    It’s a bit twee and possibly infantalizing. But she looks happy and like she’s enjoying herself so I’ll give her an overall thumbs up. She should not ever do this again, however. Leave it to someone who’s actually younger.

  35. TonyG

    Nice color is all I can say. Otherwise this is a dress that a dancing Russian bear in a three-ring circus would wear.

  36. Bambi Anne Dear

    It’s a ball, not a sixteenth birthday party.

  37. Shiitake

    I’m reticent about the Sparklepony embelishments.

  38. rb

    you both liked her sad 1940s English wallpaper dress last year?! shock and awe! only her hair is consistently amazing, for which i applaud her.


  39. Anu

    I love Emma Stone but she looks about 12 here and while I’m all for looking younger without botox or surgery this is just a little too twee, A bun may actually have been the way to go here just to lift her back into the 20′s.

  40. babylennonof5

    It’s too young with that hair! That hair is brutal…it’s 90s rom com hair. That hair makes me weep

  41. Miss Louise

    See, what I love about Fug Nation is that at least two posters in this thread used the word ‘infantilising’ and no-one turned a hair. Love the kinda talk I find here! Which is more than I can say for poor Emma’s dress, which has so out-babydolled itself it can’t even be rescued by her gorgeous grin.

  42. ML

    I feel like we’re supposed to look at her latest report card and give her a dollar for every “A.”

  43. Josephine

    I agree with some above–cute, good idea, flawed execution. This would be a win if 1) the hair were less dated and 2) the skirt were just a few inches longer. If it were just a tiny bit more generous, it would be a true ballet length. Much more appropriate and flattering for her age/legs/event/etc.

  44. helen

    If people wear dresses which make the waist a thing, is it too much to ask that the dress’s waist hits them on their actual waist? Especially if you are going to the Met Ball. I feel like the waist on this thing is maybe an inch too high, which takes it from lovely and adorable to grown woman in an eight year old’s dress.

  45. Katie

    I think Cher wore this outfit to the party in the valley in Clueless.

  46. Lisa Bryant

    Loved it, til you girls planted that hailey stanfield/dakota fanning seed. Now I think it’s too young for Emma.

  47. Gardenia

    Pink Tinkerbell

  48. Ms.A

    Looks like she’s graduating preschool.
    Just add mary janes.

  49. Ivy

    I have to say that in this picture, she does look rather infantile. But look at other pictures and she looks really good. Hands on the hips work wonders.

  50. staceyk

    i LOVE it on her, and she looks soooo happy in it, how could you not?

  51. mepe

    I agree with the folks who suggested it should be a bit longer but overall I think it’s really cute & fun and she looks happy in it. Definitely would have been weird for something like the Oscars but really fun for the Met Ball.

  52. Heather

    Oh no! She’s not going back to blonde is she? Please tell me she’s not! She has that in between color that they all have when transitioning. Her hair is so refreshing in the Hollywood sea of blondes. No, Emma, noooooo! Don’t do it! It’s not too late to turn back!

  53. Rubee

    I think is irrelevant how old she is and how she usually dresses, as long as she looks good in the dress. And she does. She doesn’t resemble a twenty-late something trying to look like a debutante; she looks like a young lady wearing a pretty dress that suits her complexion very well. I object the shoes; I would have gone for red pumps or gold sandals.