I loved this when I saw it on the live-feed last night, but now that I’m actually looking at it again, I am not so sure.

Things we know:

  1. Emma Stone is adorable, and we love her.
  2. We want the best for her, and sometimes we like to IMAGINE that the best is actually HAPPENING when in reality, it is not.
  3. The color here is really cute.
  4. The cut is also cute.
  5. It’s pretty young.
  6. But so is she!

Things we don’t know:

  1. Is this TOO young for her? (Especially compared to her look last year, which we loved.)
  2. Is it TOO cutesy?
  3. Or is that OKAY?
  4. Are those the best shoes she could have put with this?
  5. But what OTHER shoes would you wear with this?
  6. Would this have been better on Dakota Fanning or Hailey Steinfeld?

7. What You Think:

  • Love it! (37%, 4,684 Votes)
  • Maybe? I need to work through some things first. (36%, 4,556 Votes)
  • NO. (27%, 3,440 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,682

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