The Vogue feed hit its stride after about half an hour or forty-five minutes, but for a while there, it was all me and Jessica screaming at it for catching sight of the bottom half of an interesting dress, then cutting away to an interview with some elderly benefactors, or a pre-taped montages about the Met. There were tons of shots of somebody carefully, dutifully wrangling a giant train around its wearer, but it took ages for the cameras to show us that it belonged to Nina Dobrev.

The girl is a pro: Every time she stopped, the guy needed to rush up and fluff and spread that sucker, but she seemed completely okay with that and never the least bit impatient. She also never let it overshadow her, which is hard to do when you have that much cloth following you around all night. It’s tremendous that she went big, but not so big that I feel assaulted into noticing her. Instead, it’s just a pleasure. Check her out from the front:

The thing I love about Nina is that even when she picks a dress that seems tough to move in — as has been her custom at these big events — she does it in such a way that she still is a standout, and owns the red carpet in a way that’s impressively above her pay grade. By which I mean that, as a noted lover of The CW and her work thereon, I’ve long found her talents to be overlooked in the mainstream because people assume nobody on that network is doing actual good work (call it Gilmore Syndrome, or Buffy-itis). Which is completely bogus. But it means these bigtime opportunities are going to be fewer and further between than they ought, and thus I think she’s using them incredibly well. I love this on her. And it says a lot about her face that it’s still the star of the show despite the fact that she’s wearing more fabric than several of the other attendees combined. Maybe she could make a charitable donation in the ladies’ room, while Sarah Jessica Wallpaper Tweets about it from her matching smartphone.

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