When we wrote up this dress in our slideshow of the Marchesa collection that included it, I wrote simply, “Eh.”

I think that still pretty much covers it. Well, actually, it’s almost overwhelmingly too positive. Because although this may look sparkly and fantastical in person, in photographs it looks dingy and musty and stale-smelling; that plus Leighton’s lightened hair and zealously bronzed skin — not to mention the clammy sheen it’s given her — just makes me think she ran here after being imprisoned in her uncle’s attic for five years. If Gossip Girl’s writers are smacking their heads against the wall in anticipation of one more season, maybe they should borrow that. My actual preference is that they go full Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer, and I bet they and the cast would find that therapeutic also, but alas they’re probably already sociopathic enough in their own ways.

[Photo: Getty]