Logie Awards Fugs And Maybe Like One Fab: Thanks and You’re Welcome, Australia

Whenever the Logie Awards happen, all our Australian readers e-mail or Tweet to make sure we’re aware and that we’ve seen the photos, and to beg us to take their local TV personalities to task. And who are we to refuse that sort of important request? We LOVE taking people to task, and we love random TV personalities, and we ESPECIALLY love random TV personalities from other countries that require us to look them up on Wikipedia and then summarize the information in selective ways. But fear not, Non-Aussie Readers: Jessie J and Katy Perry made appearances, so you can bask in the soothing glow of familiar fug along with all the atrocities committed by the unknowns. Wasn’t that kind of Katy and Jessie? Let’s thank them with some snap judgments.

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  1. Rayna

    You can fug Brynne all you want to, but I’m kinda digging this blue number. And in all fairness, it’s WAAAAY better than that boobtacular red tutu, and many of her previous outings. You have to give her that.

    And as for Catriona’s dress, there are elements of it that I really like, just don’t care for the way they combined this time.

    And Katy P – who normally amuses me in a sweet kind of way – was just, just – HYENOUS. Girl, please.

  2. pinkcheese

    While that last gown did have an…unfortunate neckline, I love, love, love twirly skirts, and it did fit her beautifully. So, maybe narrow the charity ribbon by about half, and it’d be stunning? The red looked great on her, too.

  3. Sandra

    At least once a week, somebody says that some line from here is the BEST EVER! Not just in the history of FugNation, but in the history of writing. So I’m gonna do it too:

    Hybrid Cher-apes is the best line in the history of writing!

    because, really, it is, kinda.

    Rayna, are you saying that Katy was “heinous”, as in really terrible? Or “hyenous”, as in having attributes of an African scavenger mammal? Either way; yes, totally.

  4. Sajorina

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What is up with Australians and why are they SO orange? They’re delightful… and cracktacularly fugtastic!

  5. Rayna

    @Sandra – yes.

    WISH I could drop Hybrid Cher-apes casually into a conversation…………….

  6. I.K.

    so much fug i dont even hluhpluhbluhwhut
    Without that lovely palate cleanser I think my eyes would have rolled out.
    And KATY, WHY can’t you just drop the damn MUGGING, god!

  7. Jill

    GOD BLESS CHARLOTTE DAWSON. She is one of the best things about Australia’s Next Top Model, which is so much more legit than America’s Next Top Model, though sadly has far fewer jumpsuits.

  8. LoriK

    Someone needs to mention to Michelle Bridges that when your dress is copper satin it’s a bad idea for your skin to match it.

  9. Elizabeth

    Katy Perry? Intertextuality, Fuggies. Go look it up and get thee(s) to the Getty, online if you must: http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/artObjectDetails?artobj=61240

    While the green dress may not be all that it is so very deep to cite Man Ray in visual culture these days with a nod to Walter Benjamin’s seminal article, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. In this case, the once fashionable act of hand-painting fabric (Project Runway, Season 5, Kenley) has been replaced by the type of transfer photography you find decorating sheet cakes and tee shirts. Sort of a High/Lo sensibility. Of course, footnotes should also reference the Mondrian dress of Yves Saint Laurent and praise the historically-minded artist for eschewing abstraction for the sake of the image in the guise of a feminist critique.

    Note how Perry’s stylist chooses an image of a model who turns her back on those displaying an obsession with clothing.

  10. Janice

    I do not even know who Jesse J is, but I’m guessing she just won herself a berth in Fug Madness.

    And YES, God bless Charlotte Dawson and AusNTM.

  11. Angela Brown

    Sajorina, I also noticed all the orange-ness of the Aussie actresses. Also, they seem to have very toned arms and shoulders, and more than a couple like to hunch their shoulders forward when they pose. Definitely seems different than what we see here.

  12. Sandra

    @Elizabeth: I’m guessing you gave that whole business a lot more thought than Katy did.

  13. LoriK

    I have to agree with Sandra about Katy’s outfit. I certainly recognized the image and I’m sure that it was chosen on purpose. That doesn’t mean I think Katy or her stylist had any genuinely Deep Thoughts about the dress.

  14. Kate

    I love how everyone is swirling her skirt. Skirt swirling should be done in the US more often. Of course, that would mean most of our female celebs would have to wear something that wasn’t painted on.

  15. Kate

    I have to say, though I’m not crazy about Katy Perry’s ensemble, she looks GREAT in that color green. And she looked borderline refreshing JUST because of her normal colored skin in that sea of orange… Hmm.

  16. CJ

    My prediction for Queen of Fug Madness next year: Jessie J! Oh, and to think that I mentioned in the last Fug post about her that she kind of has a pretty face. Well, maybe she does under all that makeup, but dear god, she looks like a clown here.

  17. JanetP

    I’m sorry, this is totally off topic, but those TRESemme ads are killing me. I’ve accidentally scrolled over them 3 times in reading 2 posts, and jumped each time at the sudden, disembodied voice. I understand you need ads, but maybe please not talking ones?

  18. Heather

    We don’t get a choice, unfortunately, Janet — sorry!

  19. Carolina Girl

    Australia must be the spawing grounds of spray tans.

  20. Melissa

    Brynne’s on Australia’s Dancing With the Stars this season – she will need no wardrobe assistance. Hope you follow her progress!

    PS JanetP: There might be a “block pop-ups” setting in your browser preferences that could fix that TRESemme issue.

  21. JaniceG

    I know Katy Perry’s dress was distracting but surprised you didn’t mention her shoes, which seemed to belong to some other outrageous outfit entirely.

    Also, Laura Dundovic did have an accident on the red carpet – an extreme wardrobe malfunction showing her tighty whities http://media.onsugar.com/files/2011/05/17/0/498/4981322/bf494c27e7b86796_laura-D11.jpg

  22. Carolyn

    I’m Australian and live in Australia.
    I have NO idea who most of these people are.

  23. Andrea

    I guess we have so much spray tan here because of the old ‘bronzed Aussie’ thing. Although Michelle Bridges has gone from bronzed to ‘wants to look like a Logie’ so… maybe too far.

  24. Jess

    Oh, the shame!

  25. Anita

    I’m an Aussie and I have no idea who most of these orange toned people are either. I’d also like to second that Brynne Gordon looks relatively demure compared to what she normally wears. Apparently she forgot that “TV’s night of Nights” was on Sunday and she had to – gasp – buy a dress off the rack rather than mail order it from her favorite Las Vegas designer. (Sadly, that isn’t a joke…)

  26. Jessop

    No Megan Gale? As fun as laughing at the fugs spawned by the Logies, Megan Gale is one person who usually knocks it out of the park, and it would be a lot less embarrassing for Australia not to have just one ‘maybe fab’ :)

  27. Alisha

    Heather and Jessica, there were many fabs and you know it! Didn’t you see Zoe Ventoura, Rachael Finch or Lee Furlong? You’re not giving us Aussies “a fair go”! (Yeah, I went there).

    And for the record, Katy Perry’s dress was the most horrible thing ever. I prefer her creaming boob get-up.

  28. Noo

    Lauren Phillips is the girlfriend of the highest paid footballer in Australia. It was huge news when he moved from the team that his father played for to a brand new one on the Gold Coast. The new team is called the “suns” so I think her dress was a little appropriate ;) At the Brownlow Medal night, Lauren is often the best dressed out of everyone else.

  29. vandalfan

    I had to remind myself it’s late summer there (right?) but still, I don’t think Mother Nature was responsible for those deep orange tans.

  30. Peachsiki

    I want to wear a Man Ray print on my dress, but only if those sleeves aren’t in the package. Sorry Katy, but at least the emerald colour was very lovely.

  31. Bambi Anne Dear

    I kinda like the giant charity ribbon.

  32. Taya

    Megan gale was at the logies but by faaaaaaaaaar the best dressed lady was Sarah Murdoch. Tres Chic.

  33. Hannah

    I’m… so embarrassed to be Australian right now! Thank god for Lauren Phillips (who I went from utterly loathing based on a deep-seated envy at her proximity to the son of the greatest footballer of all time, and by virtue to the rest of the Geelong Cats football team who I *adore*, to kind of loving her in spite of myself). She always seems to look so sleek and pulled together without overdoing it or trying too hard.

  34. Hannah


  35. Samantha Alice

    Seriously embarrassed about how badly all these fellow Australians are dressed, never mind that twit Brynne!
    Please know that there are Aussies who dress much better than them…

  36. Penny

    Charlotte Dawson was soooo drunk and soooo did not care. I saw her on TV being interviewed at the Logies and all her responses went along the lines of “BLAAAARGGGGrarararararaaaaaaaa.” Also she (and Alex Perry) has had way too much botox, HOWEVER, she makes no secret of it, in fact she talks about it A LOT and so that makes it kind of okay in my book.

  37. Oioioi

    Alisha and Jessop – Onya! Come on Fug Girls. Yep, you got the fugs, but there were many fabs too. Megan Gale was gorgeous, And there was a fab dress complimenting a bump for Rebecca Judd.

  38. annieb

    you should have fabbed sarah murdoch, she looked beautiful!

    also, kerri-anne is a national hero. she is like the less classy, more hilarious, drunker, australian version of helen mirren…i love her.

  39. Lynette

    Brynn Gordon is American. We refuse responsibility.